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FAME 2014 Journal - Felix (Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Taiwan)
After a month of placement in Cloud Gate’s Marketing Department, I have assisted in the completion of Chinese version of “Cloud Gate Theatre”s website and have taken over as the main designer of English version website. By mid-November, I would switch department to work with the Performance Team and help with the preparation work for the new productions “White Water/Dust” and “Pine Smoke” in Taipei.

Marketing Team at Cloud Gate Theatre
November 10 2014 marked a historic date for Cloud Gate as the blessing ceremony was held for the newly established Tamsui Culture and Art Education Center— “Cloud Gate Theatre”. The entire Administration Department was involved in holding the event and I assisted in coordinating with the press at the ceremony.
After the ceremony, I joined the team of Performance Team in the final preparation of the new productions. The Performance Team is responsible for managing all administrative and logistics support of productions, including scheduling, opening night cocktail party, reception management, volunteer coordination, as well as hotel booking and food and beverage arrangements.
After the performances in Taipei in November, I joined the team in touring in different areas of Taiwan. We arrived in Taoyuan in early December for the performances at the Taoyuan Arts Center. There was a shortage of full-time staff at Taoyuan Arts Center and the volunteers there were not as well trained as in the National Theatre and Concert Hall in Taipei. Thus the Performance Team of Cloud Gate had to take care of the work in the front desk as well as arranging props and costumes backstage. Arts administrators ought to be prepared in coming up with contingencies for all sorts issues that arise on site. 
Primary School Students and Lin Hwai-min at                Volunteers in National Theatre and Concert Hall in 
Cloud Gate Theatre                                                       Taipei
As I am responsible for developing “Cloud Gate Theatre”’s website, I have plenty of opportunities to meet with Mr Lin Hwai-min, discussing the orientation and framework in designing the new website. In our meetings I got to have a glimpse at how an international arts organization develops its branding and marketing strategies, which involve theories related to corporate image and the international trend of website design.
Since the work on the designing of website and branding of “Cloud Gate Theatre” are a long-term task, Cloud Gate is considering on ways to extend our collaboration on the website design after my placement. 
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