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HKAAA E-newsletter (Issue#4 May 2020)
  • “Arts Administrator 101” Series - Curating New Media Arts Programme
  • 【Highlight Recap】Late-night Art Talk Series
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“Arts Administrator 101” Series - Curating New Media Arts Programme
The definition of new and emerging technologies constantly shift with time. New media arts appear when contemporary artists choose to use the latest media and technology as a medium of their work.
New media introduces a new way to create and to present, re-defining the relationship between the artist, the artwork and the viewer. The fast development of the internet also changes people’s conception of time and space. In this context, new media arts become ever-changing with complex modes of expression.
In the second episode of 2019/20 “Arts Administrator 101 Series”, Ms. Joel Kwong, an experienced media arts curator and the Programme Director of Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, will introduce us to the evolution of new media arts, local media arts landscape and share her experience on curating and programming with us.
Joel has over 10 years of experience in curating, producing and managing media arts. She has been with Microwave International New Media Arts Festival since 2006, help facilitate the biggest new media arts platform in Hong Kong. In recent years, she has been given talks and lectures in schools, festivals and universities, including National University of Taiwan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKICC, Baptist University and the University of Eletro-communications in Tokyo.
Concerning the outbreak of the novel coronavirus continues, the workshop will be live streamed on Zoom. We hope everyone stays positive in this low season and keeps improving ourselves for the upcoming challenges.
Date: 5 June 2020 (Friday)
Time: 8:00 - 9:15pm
Topic: Curating New Media Arts Programme
Speaker: Ms Joel Kwong, Programme Director, Microwave International Media Art Festival
Language: Cantonese (No SI Service)
Fee: Free of charge
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【Highlight Recap】Late-night Art Talk Series
(Only English version is available)
We are grateful for the generous support from U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong and Macau. Late-night Art Talk series offer opened and interactive dialogues between nine leaders and arts practitioners from component arts organization and professionals in Hong Kong and U.S., sharing their insights in focus of Strategic Planning, Importance of the Digital Art Market, Venue Management under the New Normal and lastly, Sustainability Plan in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis.

Part 1 - How Shall Arts Organizations Prepare to Tackle Strategic Planning during Coronavirus Period
Ms Gail Crider shared, we should set some “frame to thinking” during the VUCA time (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), such as Scenario Planning and Risk Assessment. Also, there are three things to think about: agile planning, good decision-making processes and how we keep anchored and stained during turbulent time.

Ms Tisa Ho shared how Hong Kong Arts Festival handled the cancellation and continued with the planning of the Festival. She also shared how we could make a better strategic planning during the uncertain period.
Click here to watch Part 1 of the series.
Part 2 -   Arts Happening in the Digital World
The cultural sector has been using different methods and online platforms to integrate art into life, from online program broadcasting to establishing promotional and fundraising platforms.

The guest speakers, Ms Rosanna Herries, Ms Leslie Greene Bowman and Ms Andrea Snyder, agreed that online performances and exhibitions could not replace physical performances; however, going online could provide a wide range of local or international performances and programs for the audience to enjoy.

Arts organizations and artists are also facing with the problem - how to keep talents and staff during the critical time. They all need to learn to fit themselves into the new form, which is going online and using digital platforms.
Click here to watch Part 2 of the series.

Part 3 - Venue Management in the Post-Coronavirus Period
Arts venues are also seriously affected. Ms Mary Lou Aleskie shared the situation in U.S. - there was no direct subsidy from the government or foundations. However, the ticket income has been the major income for arts organizations and artists, and they are now facing risks due to the cancellation of performances and the unknown situation of society.

In both U.S. and Hong Kong, the sector is facing with the same problem – how to manage the operation for a performance under “the New Normal”. For example, Are the audience comfortable with wearing face masks while enjoying a performance? How to manage the performers and backstage crew while they need to maintain a social distance?
Click here to watch Part 3 of the series.

Part4 – A Sustainability Plan for Post-Coronavirus Period
Social distancing has changed our lives as well as the economic climate.

Prof Tseng Sun-man. JP. and Prof Kevin Maifeld mentioned online performance was a new practice for the sector - from education, such as studying and teaching, to performances. It also leads to changes of consumer behaviors. To build a sustainability plan for the sector, we may need to think about: how we could bring those “online audience” back to the theatre? What offering could we provide to the customers in the post COVID-19 period? Will we continue to explore new methods or modes of art management?
Click here to watch Part 4 of the series.
Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude to all our guest speakers and moderators, for giving us such fruitful and inspiring Late-Night Arts Talk series and thank you, our participants, for always supporting our events.
Our Association will continue to provide more activities and programs in the future. By making donation to HKAAA, your generosity can guarantee an ongoing and regular income which is one of the most effective ways to support us for future operations.
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Featured Event
“The Copybook of Life Challenge for Apprentice Magician” A family-oriented dance education theatre
A young apprentice magician dreams of gaining wisdom and superpowers to become a real magician. He journeys all over the world to explore the secrets of magic, facing many adventurous situations. Can he overcome the difficulties and comprehend the value of being a real magician?
Directed by Melissa Leung, CCDC Assistant Artistic Director (Education), with Tyson Chak, a diversified artist, as creative actor; The Copybook of Life Challenge for Apprentice Magician includes selected excerpts of CCDC productions that are suitable for adults and kids. Let’s journey to a world of magic and dance!
Get your ticket now: https://bit.ly/2LQpNcw
Details: http://www.ccdc.com.hk/Copybook
News Clippings Highlights
HKAAA posts a constant feed of arts news on our Facebook Page to keep you updated to the latest arts-related information. In each issue of our weekly e-newsletter, we will feature the five pieces of news with the highest reach rate* over the past week so you would never miss anything hot and important.
Here are the top five arts news of 18/5/2020 to 24/5/2020:
1. International Art News:Shakespeare’s Globe may not re-open because of coronavirus - Metro (18-5-2020)
2. Local Art News: 藝發局藝術範疇已選出正副主席 - 101 News (19-5-2020)
3. Local Art News: 大埔藝術中心關閉半年 團體自發舉網上直播藝術節:好想接觸社區 - HK01 (21-5-2020)
4. International Art News: Key cultural institutions under threat: ‘If this goes on much longer, it’s hard to imagine any theatre surviving’ - The Guardian (23-5-2020)
5. International Art News: 首爾街頭驚現巨浪 超逼真公共藝術震撼路人 – 頭條日報 (23-5-2020)
*Reach rate data is based on HKAAA Facebook Page Insights
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