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HKAAA E-newsletter (Issue#5 April 2020)
  • Part 1/Week 1 - Late-night Art Talk Series
  • 「傑出藝術領袖系列」 ── 嘉賓:蔡靄兒女士
  • “Arts Administrator 101” Series - Curating New Media Arts Programme
  • 過往 12 個月社會狀況 對業界工作者影響之問卷調查結果
HKAAA Updates
Late-night Art Talk Series
Presented by: Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
Supported by: U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong and Macau
The coronavirus outbreak poses a challenge to the Arts & Cultural industry all over the world. Many art fairs and performances are forced to cancel while most of the cultural institutions are closed until further notice. In this unprecedented time, arts groups and organizations must explore new ways to interact with the public through virtual space.
How do we build or develop a vibrant community during this critical period? How do we stay connected through arts? How do we support arts from home?
In May 2020, HKAAA presents “Late-night Art Talk Series”. HKAAA will invite numerous local arts practitioners and speakers from the States to share their insights on the following scopes: what we can do during the outbreak (part 1 and 2), how would we plan for post-outbreak (part 3 and 4). 
“Late-night Art Talk Series” webinars will be streamed on Zoom every Monday in May.

We welcome all arts administrators, artists and cultural entrepreneurs to join the event!
Part 1/Week 1 - How Shall Arts Organizations Prepare to Tackle Strategic Planning During Coronavirus Period
Date: 4 May 2020
Time: 2130 - 2230
Medium: English (No SI Service)
Fee: Free of charge
Event page: http://www.hkaaa.org.hk/doc/32180
Guest Speakers:
Ms Tisa Ho, Executive Director, Hong Kong Arts Festival
Ms Gail Crider, President & CEO of National Arts Strategies
Mrs Vennie Ho, Chairman, Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association / Senior Director of Administration & Finance, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

「傑出藝術領袖系列」 ── 嘉賓:蔡靄兒女士
(Only Chinese version is available)
電影在香港是其中一個最普及的藝術類型,本會有幸邀請到MOViE MOViE 總經理蔡靄兒女士擔任本年度「傑出藝術領袖系列」講者,與我們娓娓道來其豐富的藝術管理生涯, 分享她對香港藝術電影發展的見解及MOViE MOViE的未來動向。
蔡女士是一位全方位的資深藝術行政人員,曾於不同藝文及商業機構服務,包括電視廣播有限公司、香港藝術中心及NowTV 等。
蔡女士參與開辦香港第一條播放另類電影的本地頻道MOViE MOViE,並於2017年開辦 MOViE MOViE 戲院,致力推廣藝術電影,實現她與大眾分享電影的夢想。近月,蔡女士更榮獲2019/20 年度「Clore領袖培訓計劃-香港獎學金」,遠赴英國進行度身定造的培訓。
由於疫情持續,是次講座將改為預錄節目,由5月19至21日,分三部分於HKAAA Facebook 專頁免費播放,希望同業在這個表演藝術寒冬不忘增值自己,砥礪前行。
嘉賓講者:蔡靄兒女士 MOViE MOViE 總經理
主持:李藹儀女士 香港芭蕾舞團 行政總監
  • 按此了解其他本年度「傑出藝術領袖系列」活動
“Arts Administrator 101” Series - Curating New Media Arts Programme
Concerning the outbreak of the novel coronavirus continues, the following scheduled event in May will be postponed: “Arts Administrator 101 Series: Curating Media Arts Programme”
Please stay tuned on the updates of the event. Thank you for your support and understanding.
The definition of new and emerging technologies constantly shift with time. New media arts appear when contemporary artists chose to use the latest media and technology as a medium of their work.
New media introduces a new way to create and to present, re-defining the relationship between the artist, the artwork and the viewer. The fast development of the internet also changes people’s conception of time and space. In this context, new media arts become ever-changing with a complex modes of expression.
In the last episode of 2019/20 “Arts Administrator 101 Series”, Ms. Joel Kwong, an experienced media arts curator and the Programme Director of Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, will introduce us to the realm of new media arts and share her experience on curating and programming with us.
Joel has over 10 years of experience in curating, producing and managing media arts. She has been with Microwave International New Media Arts Festival since 2006, help facilitate the biggest new media arts platform in Hong Kong. In recent years, she has been given talks and lectures in schools, festivals and universities, including National University of Taiwan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKICC, Baptist University and the University of Eletro-communications in Tokyo.
Topic: Curating New Media Arts Programme
Speaker: Ms Joel Kwong, Programme Director, Microwave International Media Art Festival
  • Click here to learn more about other “Arts Administrator 101” Series activities!
  • HKAAA reserves the right of final decision of the events.
Featured Event
Physical theatre “〇” – Postponement and Online Open Rehearsal
In view of the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the physical theatre “〇”, originally scheduled on 1-10 May 2020 at Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre, has been postponed to 2021. We are taking this opportunity to reflect and refine, and we look forward to seeing you next year at the mesmerizing performance by our stellar artists. Details of ticketing arrangement will be announced shortly.
CCDC will be holding an online open rehearsal of physical theatre “〇” on April 30 7:30pm via YouTube and Facebook, presenting the excerpt of the extraordinary creation by choreographer Xing Liang, visual artist anothermountainman, CCDC dancers and the team in the past three months facing the predicament. Please follow our Facebook page and website https://bit.ly/CCDC_O for more details.

YouTube Live: https://youtu.be/Sf4Lr4Hm9xg
Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/ccdc.page/live/
Call for VTC Internship
The Interdisciplinary Unit (IU), one of the academic disciplines of The Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), has been established to offer Higher Diploma programmes dedicated to interdisciplinary studies with respect to the emerging needs of industries. It aims to nurture talents with interdisciplinary knowledge, versatile and independent thinking skills.

Dual-track Internship Programme aims at integrating learning and practice to gauge the practical skills of students and their ability to utilize professional knowledge.    Through real-life work experience, students can enrich their learning experience and equip with emerging skills that is essential in this digital age.

Benefits to training companies:

• Opportunity to recruit work-ready, high-quality young candidates
• Builds a culture of learning and provides employees opportunities to learn valuable mentoring and management skills
• Opportunity to closely examine the skills and suitability of potential employees before they graduate
• Brings new ideas & innovation to Industry
• Improves corporate image and contributes to curriculum design with education provider

For details of the internship programme: Tel: 2595 2565 / Email: iveiu@vtc.edu.hk
過往 12 個月社會狀況 對業界工作者影響之問卷調查結果
(Only Chinese version is available)
香港藝術行政人員協會 (HKAAA) 於2020年3下旬至4月上旬收集了業界對於由2019年4月至2020年3月 (過往12個月)社會狀況的影響之問卷調查,感謝大家踴躍參與及回答。
對於政府至今推出數項支援計劃,逾90%個人 及 50%團體的回答者指他們沒有申請任何支援措施,當中超過70%表示不符合申請資格,而有接近80%個人回應指各措施均不能覆蓋他們的損失。
面對各類影響和困難,業界希望透過以下方式表達意見︰透過有關部門 (如功能界別議員﹑香港藝術發展局﹑民政事務局等)表達業界意見、舉辦聚焦小組﹑研討會或講座以收集並反映業界意見。

News Clippings Highlights
HKAAA posts a constant feed of arts news on our Facebook Page to keep you updated to the latest arts-related information. In each issue of our weekly e-newsletter, we will feature the five pieces of news with the highest reach rate* over the past week so you would never miss anything hot and important.
Here are the top five arts news of 13/4/2020 to 19/4/2020:
1. Local Art News: 售票網無飛可賣 變播放平台續命 – 明報 (20-4-2020)
2. Local Art News: 香港電影金像獎得獎名單 5 月 6 日網上直播公布 – 立場新聞 (20-4-2020)
3. International Art News: 海灘浴巾HK$12萬成交 奈良美智的最新藝術市況 - The Value (23-4-2020)
4. Local Art News: 觀塘工廈申改裝酒店 加入商店藝術工作室用途 - 香港經濟日報 (24-4-2020)
5. Local Art News: 歷史博物館「香港故事」八月底翻新 為期兩年 預算逾四億 - 立場新聞 (24-4-2020)
*Reach rate data is based on HKAAA Facebook Page Insights
Hong Kong Art Gallery Association – Artists Residency Abroad Funding Scheme
Po Leung Kuk Community Youth Art Development Scheme – Young Artist in Residence@V54
Home Affairs Bureau – Arts Development Fund (Cultural Exchange Project)
Hong Kong Arts Development Council - Support Scheme for Arts & Cultural Sector
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant - Jockey Club Black Box Theatre Subsidy Scheme
East Kowloon Cultural Centre – Public Artwork Commissioning Project Open Call for Proposals
(Deadine: 4/5/2020)
Hong Kong Arts Development Council - The 7th Arts Administration Internship Scheme – Open for Applications
(Deadine: 18/5/2020)
Hong Kong Society For Education In Art - Grantham Visual Arts Award 2019/2020
(Deadine: 29/5/2020)
Leisure and Cultural Services Department - Hong Kong House at Echigo -Tsumari Art Triennale 2021
(Deadine: 30/6/2020)
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