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HKAAA E-newsletter (31.1.2020)
  • 【Event Cancellation】
     “Arts Administrator 101” Series - Community Arts Engagement in Design Thinking and
    Exclusive for HKAAA Members - Cultural Tour Series: Freespace Guided Tour
【Event Cancellation】
In order to reduce the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus in the society, the scheduled events in February, including “Cultural Tour Series: Freespace Guided Tour” and “Arts Administrator 101 Series: Community Arts Engagement in Design Thinking” will be cancelled.
Our member of staff will get in touch with the participants via email and follow up with the event charge refund procedure. Thank you for your support and understanding. We hope to see you soon in the future.
Featured Event
Short-term Training Fellowship and Professional Attachment 2020 at Tate, UK
Open for Application

Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) launches the captioned two training programmes that will take place in Tate, UK, in 2020. Local experienced arts administrators and curators with potential are welcome to apply for these two programmes.
“Short-term Training Fellowship for Tate Intensive 2020”
The programme supports one local arts administrator, who possesses work experience in arts galleries, museums and related cultural institutions, to participate in the Tate Intensive 2020 programme from 5 to 10 July 2020 at Tate, London, UK. Under the theme of “The Power of Play”, the programme includes talks conducted by experienced museum practitioners and arts leaders, workshops, discussions and cultural visits. The total value of the fellowship is HK$47,000 to cover the tuition fee, round trip flight ticket, local accommodation, transportation and subsistence cost.
Application Deadline: 7 February 2020 (Fri), 6:00 pm*
“Hong Kong Scholarship for Professional Attachment to Public Programmes at Tate Modern 2020”
The programme supports one local curator or arts manager to take part in a 22-week attachment on a full-time basis from mid-September 2020 to mid-February 2021 in the Public Programme Team at Learning Department of Tate Modern as assistant curator. A bursary of HK$168,000 will be provided to the selected candidate to cover a round trip flight ticket, local accommodation, transportation and subsistence during the placement period.
Application Deadline: 17 February 2020 (Mon), 6:00 pm
For Application Guidelines and Form, please refer to HKADC website
Enquiries: 2820 1090 or polly_lui@hkadc.org.hk (Ms Lui)
*The application deadline is extended from 30 January 2020 to 7 February 2020.
Hong Kong Dance Company Educational Dance Performance “All about Mulan”
Mulan’s story was a classic representation of filial piety. The heroine with loyalty, courage, wisdom and love joined the army in place of her aged father, fought against the enemies and protected the homeland. Hong Kong Dance Company presents “All about Mulan”, let’s meet the legendary heroine in Chinese history and the “Ballad of Mulan” with a new perspective.
Programme Details:
Venue:Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium
Date & Time:6 - 8.3.2020 (Fri-Sun) 3pm
                        7.3.2020 (Sat) 7:45pm

Programme duration is about 1 hour and 15 minutes without intermission
Tickets now available at URBTIX
Programme Enquiries:3103 1815
Hong Kong Dance Company
Inaugural Artistic Interdisciplinary Research Study

About the Project
The “Research study on Chinese martial arts and Chinese dance” (Research) is a three-year project that aims to provide a platform for in-depth discussion and exploration on interdisciplinary collaborations between Chinese dance and Chinese martial arts. The goals of the study are to explore new dance forms and themes developed through the research practice, as well as seeking new directions for the traditional Chinese dance training system. The research team comprises a group of talented dancers, kung fu masters, academic researchers, experts from various fields and the HKDC artistic director.
A group of dancers were invited to participate in two series of “Dance and Martial arts interactive training workshops” in 2018 (Phase I) and 2019 (Phase II), followed by the “Experimental Immersion Phase” in 2020 (Phase III). The fruits of this initiative will be presented to the public in the form of a series of workshops, seminars, performances and other events.
Excerpt from Project Milestone Performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPKkatOnspc
Please follow our Facebook Page and Instagram for the latest programme updates.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hkdance.research
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hkdance.research
“Research study on Chinese martial arts and Chinese dance” is funded by the Contestable Funding Scheme for the Major Performing Arts Groups of the HKSAR Government, Home Affairs Bureau.
Cultural Columns
YEUNG Sau Ching Kristy is a student of MA in Cultural Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She received a BSSc (Hons) in Communication – Public Relations and Advertising from Hong Kong Baptist University. She works in a local university now and engages in the coordination of the university-wide Arts Festival with different well-known local performing arts groups.
Hong Kong people tend to associate Taiwan to its great cultural environment. However, Taiwanese performing arts producers and artists face different levels of problems. There are around 6,000 performing arts groups in Taiwan. Around 200 – 300 performing arts groups are established every year . While supply of performances is quite high, previous researches show that the demand for performing arts does not grow as far as the supply.
     For one, the supply of resources and funding do not follow the fast pace. The competition of grants, resources is keen in Taiwan, and has direct impacts on the performing arts ecology in Taiwan. This article explores the problems faced by performing arts groups in Taiwan, and examines if current policies/ funding sources are sufficient enough to support small-sized performing arts groups.
     It is hard to define small-sized performing arts groups because it cannot purely be measured by its size or the number of shows that they have organized. Yet, small-sized arts groups are niche, non-mainstream and full of revolution . The production of small-scale arts groups usually contains strong ideology and strong aesthetic styles which rarely attract the mass audience , and face challenges in attracting corporate sponsors due to the low awareness of such arts groups.
Overview of Administrative Organizations
There are two major administrative ministries in Taiwan, namely The Ministry of Culture and The National Culture and Arts Foundation (The NCAF).
     The Ministry of Culture is responsible for planning, coordinating, promoting and examining relevant cultural development matters. The Department of Arts Development of the ministry is a key department involved in planning, coordinating, and promoting cultural polices relevant to performing arts groups and foster the creative talents of arts groups.
     The NCAF aims at creating a healthy arts and cultural environment in Taiwan . They provide grants, funding, and other assistance to individuals and non-profit making performing arts groups. The Foundation’s work is composed of four elements, namely, research and development, grants, awards, and resource development. In other words, the NCAF is a public organization who offers “assistance” to the performing arts groups via distributing funds to various arts groups.
Current Funding Schemes and Limitations
Although there are many grants available for performing arts groups in Taiwan, financial support from the government has diminished . This section evaluates two major funding schemes in Taiwan.
Three-Tier Awarding Funding Project
This funding adopts arms-length policy that aims to provide a financially stable environment for local performing arts groups by dividing them into three tiers, (1) Incubation, (2) Development and (3) Excellence.
     Contemporary Legend Theatre, Taipei Philharmonic Foundation for Culture and Education and Greenray Theatre Company received the tier 3 funding for more than 20 years. Also, several arts groups remain at tier 2 for around 10 years. All these point to some stability in the organizations receiving tiers 2 and 3 funding. However, groups receiving tier 1 vary. The smaller groups received the lowest amount and the funding they received is not stable. Such distribution of funding makes the bigger groups bigger, while the smaller groups operate harder. As mentioned by producers and arts managers, the funding of the project is very important for their development and growth . It supports the salary of the administrators, rental fee of the theatre, and other necessary expenditure.
     This three-tier funding system has been reformed from 2019. Three-tiered system was cancelled, and two types of funding are offered instead, namely (1) Operational Support Funding, and (2) Operational and Yearly Support Funding. Both funding offer subsidies in 1 year, 2 years and 3 years instead. Thus, a total of 6 types of funding are available from 2019.
     To help smaller groups create shows in a better environment, the Ministry could seek additional money from other sources proactively, especially when the funding from the government is limited. While it is tough for small-sized groups to attract major corporate sponsor , the government could encourage corporations to sponsor a collective of smaller shows, in order to generate presence. 
     Besides, the composition of the panel changes every year, suggesting a constant change of ‘taste’. In fact, some arts groups have forgone their own artistic values and judgement in planning the shows, and included what the panel members want to see in their proposal and satisfy their ‘taste’ to try to get the grants . This is an unhealthy phenomenon, and groups could lose their own uniqueness. Arts groups, especially small-scale ones, must always remind themselves that their existence is to create better arts performances, instead of receiving funding. 
Taiwan Brand Team Project
Taiwan Brand Team Project is a substantial and highly valued cultural project managed by the Ministry of Culture. It aims to assist arts groups in developing artistic creation, introduce Taiwan performing arts to the world, and make performing arts more accessible. Awardees can be given more than 10 times more funding of what tier 3 awardees would get.
     The Ministry has reformed the funding system of this project in 2018. Apart from the existing Operational Fund, Venue Partnership Funding and International Touring Funding are available for application.
     Nevertheless, the competition of this fund is keen because this project aims to assist ‘well-established’ large scale arts groups in order to build the image of Taiwan. Thus, small groups are completely out of the picture.
     Miraza posed an interesting question in her book, is arts policy damaging the arts? Arts policy makers in Taiwan can also think about this question. Some artists or arts groups said that they planned performances according to the panel’s taste so as to bid for the funding. Yet, the intrinsic artistic value should not be intervened by the government’s tendencies or personal individual’s preference.
Other Challenges for Small Performing Arts Groups in Taiwan

Apart from funding challenges, there are other external factors which affect the operation of small arts groups.
The Culture of Giving Complimentary Tickets
Different news reports have suggested that the culture of giving free tickets of performing arts shows is quite common in Taiwan. It is undeniable that giving complimentary tickets could give chances to potential audiences to experience performing arts. However, if not properly management, it could become an unhealthy habit that deters audiences from buying tickets. The eventual victim will be the arts groups because it directly reduces the income from tickets sales .

Lack of Smaller Size Performing Arts Venues
Despite the growth of theatres in Taiwan, either built or revamped, in recent years, small arts groups do not necessarily benefit from such growth. Small arts groups prefer venues with 400 – 600 seats, yet, the number of venues of this size are few.
The government could consider providing more suitable venues to small arts groups in other ways. One way is to encourage non-monetary business sponsorship and partnership with the Universities or schools to share their places to smaller arts groups for practices, rehearsals or even performances.
Every performing arts group is unique, including its artistic value, mission and vision, and performances. Operating a small performing arts groups in Taiwan is apparently difficult. However, some young people are still enthusiastic about having their own groups. The government should be aware that every large and successful arts group must have been once small, and the concept of ‘small’ evolves over time. Therefore, they should also treasure new and small young performing arts groups. Also, small arts groups itself should also embrace their own value tightly, and not blindly satisfy the taste of the stakeholders in order to receive funding.
“Preface”, The National Culture and Arts Foundation, assessed December 1, 2018, https://bit.ly/37L8LWy


華山1914文化創意產業園區. "劇場2.0:是舞台,也是社交生活場--專訪呂弘暉談未來小劇場." 華山1914文化創意產業園區. Accessed December 3, 2018. https://bit.ly/2S711qX.
陳正熙(2015)。〈新世紀對台灣新世代創作者的挑戰 試論符宏征、王嘉明、蔡柏璋的創作風格〉。《美育》,第204期,頁36-45。
黃聖涵、邱鈺婷。〈臺灣小劇場觀眾生活型態與行銷策略開發之研究─以台南人劇團為例〉。 shorturl.at/iSVW0


Acknowledgement: M.A. in Cultural Management Programme, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Highlight Event
A Dance Journey - Hong Kong Dance Alliance Fellowship Call for Application
Hong Kong Dance Alliance is very keen on supporting artists by providing holistic administrative assistance and management that takes into account artistic goals for potential candidates in need. It is also eager to instigate open dialogue with dance artists on innovative projects and ways and means to develop sustainable support for projects and artists.
The fellowship aims to:
- Match new choreographic talents with senior dance practitioners as their mentors to provide guidance and artistic development advice.
- Provide in-kind publicity, brand building and administration supports for projects artists are planning to engage in, to help them advance their careers.
- Offer assistance to selected choreographic artists in broadening their artistic development, clarifying their aims and vision, and identifying and gaining the skills and knowledge needed to nurture their careers.
All independent local choreographers who are willing to commit to consistent engagement with dance are eligible to apply. Graduates from local institutes of performing arts who are eager to start developing their career in choreography are also eligible to apply. Call for applications is open until 31 January 2020.
Details: http://www.hkdanceall.org/?a=doc&id=754
Online Application Form: https://bit.ly/2s4dVgA
Supported by Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
HKGNA FIRST Concert of the 2020 Season!
We are thrilled to present internationally renowned violinist virtuoso Sean Lee in his Hong Kong Debut Concert! This HKGNA event is proudly co-presented by the Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong and Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong.

With performances described by the New York Times as “breathtakingly beautiful”, Violinist Sean Lee has captured the attention of audiences worldwide with his lively performances of the classics. 
Sean will be performing with Bauhinia Trio’s Pianist Piao Xingji pieces from Bach and Saint Saëns.They will also perform Brahm’s Piano Quintet with Violist Yang Fan and Bauhinia Trio’s Violinist Zheng Yang and Cellist Jia Nan.
Together, they will inspire audiences and profoundly impact our Hong Kong community!
24 FEB 2020 (Mon) | 7:30pm
JC Cube, Tai Kwun
Tickets will be available at Urbtix
More details: http://www.hkgna.com/sean-lee-hk-artists2020/
Supported by Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
Po Leung Kuk Community Youth Art Development Scheme – Young Artist in Residence@V54
Home Affairs Bureau – Arts Development Fund (Cultural Exchange Project)
British Council - UK-China Connections through Culture Grants, Round 34 (Visits from April to June 2020)
香港藝術發展局 – 誠邀計劃書「第十二屆校園藝術大使計劃」— 「校園藝術大使大派對—嘉年華」 (Only Chinese version is available)
Hong Kong Arts Development Council - Arts Administration Scholarships 2020 (Local/Overseas & Mainland)

West Kowloon Cultural District - West Kowloon Young Fellows Scheme (Performing Arts) 2020 Call for applications
Hong Kong Arts Development Council - Invitation for Proposals – Year Grant
Hong Kong Arts Development Council - Short-term Training Fellowship and Professional Attachment 2020 at Tate, UK Open for Application: “Hong Kong Scholarship for Professional Attachment to Public Programmes at Tate Modern 2020”
Hong Kong Arts Development Council - CINARS 2020 Participating Subsidy and OFF-CINARS Performance - Open for Application
Hong Kong Arts Development Council - Support Scheme for Arts & Cultural Sector
Member's Benefit
48th Hong Kong Arts Festival
Great Piano Concertos: Pavel Kolesnikov Plays Chopin
Programme Details:

Details: https://bit.ly/37WmKsO
Date & Time:
8 Feb 2020 (Sat), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $450, $320, $180
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
Pavel Kolesnikov Piano Recital
From Dusk to Dawn
Programme Details:

Details: https://bit.ly/37PeHhs

Date & Time:
10 Feb 2020 (Mon), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $380, $260, $150
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
Two Strange Tales From A Chinese Studio
This concert presents two beautiful fables from Liaozhai (Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio) to illustrate the transience and impermanence of life.
In the first story, the female ghost Nie Xiaoqian, who is coerced into harming people by a demon, meets the scholar Ning Caichen. Moved by his integrity, she decides to help him escape and takes the plunge into forbidden love.
In the second story, the handsome Ma Ji enters Raksha Country by mistake. He puts on face makeup to survive the country’s reversed standards of beauty, but ends up turning his own morals upside down.

14‒15/2/2020 (Fri, Sat) 8:00 pm
Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium
$170, $220, $280, $350
Conductor: Yan Huichang

**HKAAA Members are offered 20% off discount.
Please present your membership card at Urbtix Ticketing Office

Introduction:  http://www.hkco.org/en/Concerts/Two-Strange-Tales-From-A-Chinese-Studio-1.html 
URBTIX Booking: http://www.urbtix.hk/internet/eventDetail/39225
Enquiries: 3185 1600 (Programme) / 3761 6661 (Ticketing)
Music about China - A programme of the 48th Hong Kong Arts Festival (2020)
The new ‘Music about China’ will bring together influential composers both at home and abroad, including Enjott Schneider (Germany), Marcel Wengler (Luxembourg), Anthony Paul De Ritis (US) and Hong Kong composers, Leon Ko, Golden Horse Award winner, and Chan Ming-chi, whose Jing•Qi•Shen was recommended by the International Rostrum of Composers organized by UNESCO. Chan’s latest work Another Round, using Cantonese gongs-and-drums and – what else? – mahjong, to vividly depict the life of mahjong players.
21/2/2020 (Fri) 8:00 pm
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall
$200, $250, $320, $420
**HKAAA Members are offered 20% off discount.
Please present your membership card at Urbtix Ticketing Office
Introduction: http://www.hkco.org/en/Concerts/Music-About-China-1.html
URBTIX Booking: http://www.urbtix.hk/internet/eventDetail/39060
Enquiries: 3185 1600 (Programme) / 3761 6661 (Ticketing)
Beethoven the Immortal
Programme Details:
Details: https://bit.ly/2QqWrnP
Date & Time:
14 & 15 Mar 2020 (Sat & Sun), 3pm
Venue: Yuen Long Theatre Auditorium
Ticket Price:  $300, $220, $140
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
Inspired by Beethoven series
Cellomania: Alban Gerhardt Plays Julian Anderson
Programme Details:
Details: https://bit.ly/2X7iRfy
Date & Time:
21 Mar 2020 (Sat), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $420, $280, $160
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
"Music from Classics to Pops"
Programme Details
Music from Classics to Pops features classical and popular songs with Hong Kong Chinese tenor Mo Warren, soprano Zhou Xuan, Italian Chinese soprano Wang Bingbing, Hong Kong Steinway artist Dr. Cheng Wai, and Hong Kong Romer String Quartet, presenting the concert not only reflecting the profound cultural heritage, but also full of artistic breath.
Venue: Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall

Date & Time:
Apr. 8th, 2020 - 8:00pm

$680, $480, $380, $180 
**HKAAA Members are offered 10% off discount on purchasing full-price tickets at URBTIX outlets. Please present the code HKAAA.

Tickets now available at URBTIX

Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/2463392940548411/
Programme Enquiries: 852-3965 4881
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