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HKAAA E-newsletter (27.12.2019)
  • Arts Social! - Arts & Finance
  • 鄺為立與鍾小梅對談
  • 【Highlight Recap】Arts Social! - Arts X Social Impact
HKAAA Updates
Arts Social! - Arts & Finance
The arts industry, like all other industries, faces the same old problem of scarcity - we need to satisfy unlimited wants with very limited resources.
Therefore, utilising resources effectively is the key to the survival of any kind of arts organization, regardless of its scale. Financial management is essential to setting realistic goals and achieving sustainable success of a company.
In fact, there are different parts and functions under the realm of Finance. For arts administrators, we are familiar with terms like budgeting, bookkeeping, accounting and auditing. But are there more we should know? Are we doing it the right way?
In the last Arts Social! event (of 2019/20), HKAAA is happy to have Ricky Lam to be our host and he will talk us through about finance in the arts. Ricky leverages over 20 years’ of experience in the management of business, business development, sales and marketing, and finance and accounting throughout the Asia Pacific across multiple industries. In recent years, Ricky also works with Hong Kong Arts Development Council as the accessor for the audited accounts for their projects.
Date: 17 January 2020 (Friday)
Time: 7:30 - 9:00pm
Venue: PH3 (3/F,186-190 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai)
Event page: http://www.hkaaa.org.hk/doc/30673?tab=4
Topic: Arts & Finance
SpeakerMr. Ricky Lam, Client Partner of Marlin Hawk
Language: Cantonese (No SI Service)
Fee: HKAAA Member $70 | Non-member $100
**Light refreshment will be provided

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(Only Chinese version is available)

鄺為立先生 香港藝術發展局候任大會委員
鍾小梅女士 香港藝術行政人員協會 名譽秘書 / 香港中文大學藝術行政主任辦公室藝術行政主任及邵逸夫堂經理

交通 按此 放大地圖)

【Highlight Recap】Arts Social! With Toby Crispy@Fashion Clinic - Arts X Social Impact
HKAAA is grateful to have Ms. Toby Crispy, one of the founders of Fashion Clinic, to be our host of the “Arts Social!”.The event was successfully held at Eaton HK last Monday.
Toby explains to the participants that the fashion industry is “sick”. The culture of fast fashion and overconsumption has led to different environmental and social problems to the world and as a fashion designer, Toby would like to make a change by promoting upcycle fashion.
Apart from introducing the services provided by Fashion Clinic, Toby also introduced several local brands that use their creativity to make changes to the fashion industry. Toby believes the best way to reduce waste is to strengthen the relationship between people and their clothes, to find the meaning and story within. Therefore, Fashion Clinic hosts different workshops to the public as a way to let them understand the production process and materials of a garment.
Once again, we are thankful to Toby Crispy and all participants making their time for the event. Please stay tuned for upcoming HKAAA 19/20 Event Series, we hope to see you soon!
Photo captions: (from the left to the right and the top to the bottom)
  1. Participants enjoy the non-alcoholic drinks provided by Eaton HK
  2. Toby introduces local green brands to participants
  3. At the Q&A session, participants asks Toby how to introduce the upcycling idea to the public with different backgrounds
  4. Toby explains one of her upcycled works
Featured Event
The original musical, Matteo Ricci, was a sold-out event at its premiere.
Matteo Ricci… and legend is his name… 

The first round of performance of the musical Matteo Ricci has consistently drawn a full house in April of 2019. Due to popular demands, we are delighted to announce the staging of a re-run of this musical, which highlights Ricci’s tenacity in the face of adversity and his desire to harmonise different cultures.

A Brief Introduction
Matteo Ricci, an Italian Catholic priest from the Society of Jesus, has been selected by the American magazine Time as one of the most influential people in the second millennium of the Common Era.  The young Jesuit missionary travels from West to East with one purpose in mind -- to spread the Good News of God to China, in which he encounters countless obstacles and misunderstandings that threaten to derail his efforts  What are his choices? Is he to simply force feed the Catholic beliefs to the local Chinese at the risk of being expelled from the country?  Or is he to renounce his beliefs while unwittingly adopting all the local Chinese customs and rituals? Ricci bravely chooses a third way that nobody has dared to try before: He learns the local language, immerses himself into the culture, and befriends the Chinese people. He discusses topics such as morality, literature, science, philosophy, religion, rites and rituals with Confucian scholars. His tireless search for common grounds between the East and the West allows him to develop a set of principles which are later known as “The Principles of Matteo Ricci”, which effectively become the golden standard for future missionaries in China.

This musical is a colourful depiction of Matteo Ricci's journey to China and how he dreams the impossible dream of bridging the East and the West.

Venue: Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Time and Date:  ‪7:30 pm on 4/1/2020‬, ‪7-11/1/2020‬‬‬
              ‪2:30 pm on 5/1/2020‬ and ‪12/1/2020‬‬‬
Prices: $525 / $425 / $250 / $120
Artistic Director/Director : Damian Lau
Deputy Director: Ata Wong Chun Tat
Music Director/Composer: Henry Lai
Lyricist: Cheng Kok Kong
Curator/Producer: Heidi Lee
Cast : Kit Chan, Jonathan Wong
Online Booking:https://ticket.urbtix.hk/internet/zh_TW/eventDetail/39615
Credit card booking:2111 5999
Enquiries:2710 1976

Performed in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles.
The organiser reserves the right to change the cast members.
Suitable for ages 6 and up
Hong Kong Voices: Cantata “The Banquet at elBulli” Premiere
Music by Daniel Lo
Libretto by Clement Lee
A variation on the short story by Ping-Kwan Leung
Semi-staged Cantata | Sung in Cantonese with Chinese & English Surtitles

“They attended the banquet as promised—had they got something to tell us?”
A writer and his old friends embarked on a gastronomic pilgrimage and arrived at the legendary elBulli one night; along with a young poet and a dancer, they savoured the various tastes of life, nostalgic or melancholic, astounding or forgiving...

"The Banquet at elBulli" from Postcolonial Affairs of Food and the Heart is a short story by the late Hong Kong writer Ping-Kwan Leung. Led by conductor Grace Chiang, local chamber choir Hong Kong Voices collaborates with theatre practitioner Clement Lee and composer Daniel Lo, and presents to you this reconstructed “banquet” in the form of a semi-staged cantata, returning to the ritual origin of performing arts and initiating a dialogue between music, literature and theatre.

2020.01.11 (Sat) 8 pm (with post-performance Meet-the-Artist)
2020.01.12 (Sun) 3:30pm
Multi-media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
$250 / $120 (Free Seating)
Tickets are now available at URBTIX

Interview with composer Daniel Lo:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmRlSWEF6qI
Enquiry:5509 9455 / choir@hkvoices.org
West Kowloon Young Fellows Scheme (Performing Arts) 2020 calls for applications
The West Kowloon Young Fellows Scheme (Performing Arts) 2020 is now calling for applications. Launched in 2019, the fellowship supports the development of original initiatives that promote audience building and community engagement. It is designed to encourage young aspiring artists, arts administrators, scholars, researchers and postgraduate students to develop creative arts learning and public participation projects that will expand and contribute to the arts ecology in Hong Kong. Application deadline, 29 January 2020.Check for the details and download the application form from our website: https://wk.org.hk/2EKmGiG
Short-term Training Fellowship and Professional Attachment 2020 at Tate, UK
Open for Application

Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) launches the captioned two training programmes that will take place in Tate, UK, in 2020. Local experienced arts administrators and curators with potential are welcome to apply for these two programmes.
“Short-term Training Fellowship for Tate Intensive 2020”
The programme supports one local arts administrator, who possesses work experience in arts galleries, museums and related cultural institutions, to participate in the Tate Intensive 2020 programme from 5 to 10 July 2020 at Tate, London, UK. Under the theme of “The Power of Play”, the programme includes talks conducted by experienced museum practitioners and arts leaders, workshops, discussions and cultural visits. The total value of the fellowship is HK$47,000 to cover the tuition fee, round trip flight ticket, local accommodation, transportation and subsistence cost.
Application Deadline: 30 January 2020 (Thu), 6:00 pm
“Hong Kong Scholarship for Professional Attachment to Public Programmes at Tate Modern 2020”
The programme supports one local curator or arts manager to take part in a 22-week attachment on a full-time basis from mid-September 2020 to mid-February 2021 in the Public Programme Team at Learning Department of Tate Modern as assistant curator. A bursary of HK$168,000 will be provided to the selected candidate to cover a round trip flight ticket, local accommodation, transportation and subsistence during the placement period.
Application Deadline: 17 February 2020 (Mon), 6:00 pm
For Application Guidelines and Form, please refer to HKADC website
Enquiries: 2820 1090 or polly_lui@hkadc.org.hk (Ms Lui)
Cultural Columns
WANG Wanchen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from Beijing Language and Culture University and Master’s Degree in Cultural Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is currently working as a visual arts journalist. She has worked for film productions, cultural relics exhibitions, and intercultural communication.
Possibilities of Bottom-up Community Theatre
   Makhampom Theatre Group is a non-governmental organization in Thailand, famous for its community-oriented, educative approaches to theatre. With its own model on theatre production and performance form, it targets children and youth in different parts of Thailand, using theatre as a media to tackle issues on human rights developments, including indigenous rights, environmentalism, prostitution, and democracy. In its golden age, Makhampom Theatre Group had four different types of program, including performance, education theatre, community theatre, and international programs. Even though it suffered from budgetary crisis and began to reduce activities during the Asian financial crush, the model of its community-oriented theatre is still worth reviewing and studying.
   As an organization across Thailand, Makhampom has a special means to focus on every single community. They try to offer semi-customized Likay performances to their audience from different places, paying attention to location-specific situations.
“Likay is a mixture of Thai dance drama, which emphasizes the extravagance and embellishment of costumes and graceful dance patterns, and Thai folk music, which focuses on eloquence and poetic improvisation with a fast-moving plot as well as interactive conversations between the performers and audience.” (i)
    This art form helps the performers shape the story more easily. Moreover, it is the unique theatre process that make the semi-customized theatres possible. To analysis this process more specifically, this article explores Dao Loog Gai as an example.
   Dao Loog Gai theatre group was formed in the 1990s as a part of development organization of Makhampom Theatre Group, mainly focusing on the communities in Phitsanulok. Makhampom Theatre Group usually run the long-term community theatre project like Dao Loog Gai from one to four years. Jonson uses words like “Mobilizer” and “Facilitator” to describe UN agencies and its community-based organizations, which has the similar situation with Makhampom and Dao Loog Gai.
“Makhampom acts as a facilitator, providing training, support and guidelines to develop local micro media groups and thus build capacities of local youth. And Dao Loog Gai is actually the micro media group, which is called mobilizer; they work and live in communities, who are highly motivated individuals and serve as a link between communities and service delivery and other ‘external’ support system” (ii)
   Usually, Dao Loog Gai offers several programs to the community, including theatre games, theatre introductory workshops and so on; however, the most important being performance creation and community performance event. It is the production process that is actually regarded as the action to engage the public.

   There are usually three stages in a theatre process: pre-performance, performance, and post-performance. During the pre-performance stage, volunteers of Dao Loog Gai would visit the communities and identify the problems of the community (“the youth groups in Phitsanulok mostly belong to poor minority Lao-ethnic communities who used to struggle with social discrimination and severe drug problems” (iii)). After they collect all the information, they would set a schedule for the performance, including developing a story-sequence, contacting with the communities, finding local young group as volunteers, and training them as actors with necessary practical knowledge of theatrical skills. During the performance process, volunteers would arrive much earlier and set the venue in the open air. Pre-show comical songs will be performed to attract more audience. The performance usually takes place in the evening with each play lasting 15-20 minutes. During the post-performance stage, there would be an evaluation, carried out by the volunteers through direct feedback from the audience.
   There are many positive effects of the community theatres of Dao Loog Gai or Makhampom Theatre Group. Firstly, it truly empowers the youth groups to not only develop their capacity on theatre, but also enhance their confidence and sense of achievement. Secondly, the theatre process raises the communities’ awareness on their social issues. Due to their cultural background, Thai people tend to avoid talking about the negative or sensitive issues in public, such as AIDs or drugs. However, the theatre project necessitates the communities to face the problems through the various stages of research, preparation, and evaluation. Lastly, the community theatre of Dao Loog Gai is an access to information. On one hand, they provide necessary knowledge about AIDS, drugs, child rights and domestic violence and so on. The audience are educated on the issues regarding human rights, and get to relate the them to the whole community. On the other hand, Dao Loog Gai offered “an alternative access and voice from lack of access in mainstream media.”(iv)  People of remote and marginal community seldom have opportunities to own their local festival or social communication media. The community theatres of Dao Loog Gai offered the access to the information with art. They could tell their stories through the theatre as a voice. What’s more, even though the media environment of Thailand is liberal, the media is mostly controlled by the state government and the army, which means it could be hard for some information to enter the rural area. Dao Loog Gai indeed is the key medium for the communities to share and access.
    Nevertheless, limitation exists in this theatre process. When Dao Loog Gai or Makhampom is regarded as a bottom-up or grassroot organization, it mainly means that the organization is led by the citizens instead of the government. Yet, it also fails to become a real bottom-up organization at the same time, as Makhampom offers little space for the communities to create and produce in the process. It is Dao Loog Gai who identifies the problems, offer the story-sequence, set up schedule and train the actors, within their formula and framework. This process could be deemed as a top-down project because by the authority of Makhampom.
   In reality, the funding of Makhampom comes from agencies of Thai Government, domestic health organization and international organizations such as UNICEF. Clearly these organizations want the community theatre to proceed in control with enough information provided. For Makhampom, they need these outcomes to show their advantages. However, they also need to question whether it is possible to reach a dialogue with creativity. For community arts, the quality of delivery is equally important as the quality of outcome.
Chindawat Surangkanang. “Media for development: A case of Dao Look Kai, The youth theatre group for Community, Nakornthai District, Phitsanulok Province.” Thesis of M.A. in Rural Development Studies, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand.
Benjaporn Deekhuntod. “Liday Wik in Bangkok and Their ‘Imagining Community.’” MANUSYA: Journal of Humanities Regular 13.2, 2010
Khan, Ahmed. “Community Theatre Media as Means of Human Rights Education: A Case Study of Makhampom Theatre Group in Thailand.” Mahidol University. 2005
Khan, Ahmed. “Community Theatre Media for Thai Youth Development: The prospect and limitation of ‘Dao Loog Gai’ group in Pitsanulok.” Grad Studies for Thailand Devl. Jan 30-31. 2007.
(i) Benjaporn Deekhuntod. “Liday Wik in Bangkok and Their ‘Imagining Community.’” MANUSYA: Journal of Humanities Regular 13.2, 2010
(ii) Khan, Ahmed. “Community Theatre Media as Means of Human Rights Education: A Case Study of Makhampom Theatre Group in Thailand.” Mahidol University. 2005
(iii) Khan, Ahmed. “Community Theatre Media for Thai Youth Development: The prospect and limitation of ‘Dao Loog Gai’ group in Pitsanulok.” Grad Studies for Thailand Devl. Jan 30-31. 2007.
(iv) Khan, Ahmed. “Community Theatre Media as Means of Human Rights Education: A Case Study of Makhampom Theatre Group in Thailand.” Mahidol University. 2005
Acknowledgement: M.A. in Cultural Management Programme, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Highlight Event
JCCAC Festival 2019
On earth, we live. All things come from earth, but different soil cultivates different characters and unique culture. JCCAC Festival 2019 takes on the theme, “On Earth”, and examines the relationships between “self”, “earth”, “matter” and “urban and rural” in Hong Kong via different artistic perspectives and mediums. Connecting communities through artistic creations, this Festival brings visitors on a trip away from the familiar urban context, and invites them to engage in an honest dialogue with the local cultural landscape; further on to understand and accentuate the importance of the symbiosis between countryside and city, nature and modernisation.
The five-week Festival shines a spotlight on ceramics. Co-presenting with Unit Gallery and curated by renowned ceramist Rachel Cheung, the feature exhibition “On Earth Ceramics Festival” consists of a contemporary ceramics exhibition, Lai Chi Wo Art Project Exhibition, and JCCAC Ceramicists Open Studio cum Exhibition. Festival affiliated programmes include handicraft fair, rooftop cinema, common space exhibitions, workshops, guided tours, performances, talks and arts demonstrations, providing visitors with a down-to-earth arts experience.

Date: 30 / 11 / 2019 – 5 / 1 / 2020
Venue: Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong)
Details: https://www.jccac.org.hk/?a=group&id=c_1&doc_id=7553
Supported by Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
Hong Kong Dance Awards 2020 - Call for Nominations
Hong Kong Dance Alliance announces the Call for Nominations for the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2020. The Hong Kong Dance Awards were established in 1999 to pay tribute to outstanding work by individual artists and dance organizations in new productions throughout the year, as well as acknowledge distinction in other activities related to dance and the Hong Kong dance community.

Nominations in thirteen award categories are open for submission by anyone - from dance practitioners to audience members. For the upcoming Hong Kong Dance Awards, an additional award, Outstanding Alternative Space Production will be established. The original award Outstanding Dance Education, Youth Dance, Community Dance, or Environmental Dance will be revised as Outstanding Dance Education or Community Dance. All Hong Kong dance artists and practitioners, and any persons contributing to Hong Kong dance productions are eligible as nominees. Following the close of nominations, a shortlist, determined by a secret ballot of distinguished experts from a wide range of disciplines in the dance field, will be announced in early 2020. The Awards will be announced and presented at the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2020 Presentation & Gala Performance, which will be held at Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium on 17 April 2020 (Friday).

The nomination period closes on 3 January 2020 (Friday). Interested parties can complete the nomination form and submit through email to admin@hkdanceall.org, by post or submit in-person to Hong Kong Dance Alliance Office (7/F, 26-28 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon), or submit online nomination form.
Details: https://bit.ly/37lYFvv
Supported by Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
A Dance Journey - Hong Kong Dance Alliance Fellowship Call for Application
Hong Kong Dance Alliance is very keen on supporting artists by providing holistic administrative assistance and management that takes into account artistic goals for potential candidates in need. It is also eager to instigate open dialogue with dance artists on innovative projects and ways and means to develop sustainable support for projects and artists.
The fellowship aims to:
- Match new choreographic talents with senior dance practitioners as their mentors to provide guidance and artistic development advice.
- Provide in-kind publicity, brand building and administration supports for projects artists are planning to engage in, to help them advance their careers.
- Offer assistance to selected choreographic artists in broadening their artistic development, clarifying their aims and vision, and identifying and gaining the skills and knowledge needed to nurture their careers.
All independent local choreographers who are willing to commit to consistent engagement with dance are eligible to apply. Graduates from local institutes of performing arts who are eager to start developing their career in choreography are also eligible to apply. Call for applications is open until 31 January 2020.
Details: http://www.hkdanceall.org/?a=doc&id=754
Online Application Form: https://bit.ly/2s4dVgA
Supported by Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
48th Hong Kong Arts Festival - Special Festival PLUS Event
Hong Kong Arts Festival Distinguished Cultural Leader Series (VII)
In Conversation with Mark Volpe, President & Chief Executive Officer of Boston Symphony Orchestra

Festival PLUS is delighted to present Mr Mark Volpe, President & Chief Executive Officer of Boston Symphony Orchestra, in the seventh edition of the HKAF Distinguished Cultural Leader Series.

As President & Chief Executive Officer of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) for over 20 years, Mark Volpe presides over the largest orchestral organization in the world. In addition to overseeing the management of the BSO, Mr Volpe also oversees the activities of the Boston Pops Orchestra and the world-renowned Tanglewood Festival, the BSO’s summer home, the Tanglewood Music Center and the Tanglewood Learning Institute—launched in the newly opened Linde Center in summer 2019 and offering participatory programmes that inspire curiosity and learning. 

In a conversation with Ms Tisa Ho, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Mr Volpe will share the many facets of managing a cultural institution and making arts relevant in a very diverse world.

Date: 12 February 2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 2:15 – 3:30pm
Venue: The Lounge, The Residence, Mezzanine Floor, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
Fee: HKD 100 (Including post-event coffee / tea)
Language: English
For Inquiries: 2828 4913
Registration: https://www.ticketflap.com/hkaf-distinguished-cultural-leader-series-vii
Organized by the Hong Kong Arts Festival
In Partnership with Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
With promotional support from Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
Po Leung Kuk Community Youth Art Development Scheme – Young Artist in Residence@V54
Home Affairs Bureau – Arts Development Fund (Cultural Exchange Project)
Hong Kong Arts Development Council - Professional Attachment at OzAsia Festival 2020
Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) - Asia TOPA: Asia - Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts 2020
Leisure and Cultural Services Department - Oku-Noto Triennale 2020: Call for Proposals of Station by the Sea Residence and Exhibition Programme
The Hong Kong Jocket Club Music and Dance Fund - Music and Dance Scholarship Scheme (Local Studies and Non-local Studies) 2020-21
Hong Kong Arts Development Council - Request for Proposal:Commercial Units Leasing for Tai Po Arts Centre (Shop Operator on G/F)
Member's Benefit
10% off on Hong Kong Ballet: FANCL Proudly Presents “The Nutcracker”
Programme Details
Date, Time & Venue

Opening Night
20 DEC 2019
Fri 7:30pm

21-23 DEC 2019
Sat-Sun 2:30pm & 6:30pm | Mon 7:30pm
25-29 DEC 2019
Wed-Thu & Sat 2:30pm & 6:30pm | Fri 7:30pm | Sun 2:30pm
19 DEC 2019
Thu 7:30pm
Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

$1,000 (Limited VIP Tickets)#, $680, $480, $320, $180
Programme Enquiries: 2105 9724 |
Ticketing Enquiries: 3761 6661
Details: https://bit.ly/36b4vit

#Discount not applicable to VIP tickets
A Night of Melodies from Movies and TV Dramas
The 1980s and 1990s were the heyday of Hong Kong’s film and television industries. The soundtracks that came out from them made their way to the hit charts and became the collective memories of a whole generation or more. For this concert, we bring to our audience golden oldies with themes from television drama series of HK TVB and ATV, and household tunes of yesteryear. Let us stroll down memory lane together and enjoy!

3-4/1/2020 (Fri, Sat) 8:00 pm
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall
$170, $220, $280, $350

**HKAAA Members are offered 20% off discount.
Please present your membership card at Urbtix Ticketing Office

Introduction:  http://www.hkco.org/en/Concerts/A-Night-Of-Melodies-From-Movies-And-Tv-Dramas.html
URBTIX Booking: http://www.urbtix.hk/internet/eventDetail/39011
Enquiries: 3185 1600 (Programme) / 3761 6661 (Ticketing)
The Good Person of Szechwan – the Musical
Venue: Lyric Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Date and Time:
7:45pm  23 – 24, 27, 31.12.2019, 1 – 3.1.2020
2:45pm  26, 28# – 29▲.12.2019
$420 / $340 / $250 / $180 (Applicable to 23 – 27.12)
$480 / $380 / $280 / $200 (Applicable to 29.12 – 3.1)
# Not available for public sales
▲Accessible Performance with Audio Description (Cantonese)
10% discount for members of Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association. Discounts only available at Hong Kong Ticketing Agencies upon presentation of valid membership / staff cards
Presented in Cantonese with Chinese and English surtitles
Tickets available at HK Ticketing now
For details:https://www.hkrep.com/event/19-5/
Programme Enquiries:852-3103 5900
Speaking in Tongues
Venue: Hong Kong City Hall Theatre
Date and Time:
7:45pm 4, 7 – 9*, 10 – 11, 14 – 16*, 17 – 18.1.2020
2:45pm 5, 11 – 12, 18 – 19.1.2020
$320 / $260 / $200 ($300* / $250* / $190*)
*Weekday Special
10% discount for members of Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association. Discounts only available at URBTIX outlets upon presentation of valid membership / staff cards
Presented in Cantonese with Chinese and English surtitles
Tickets available at URBTIX now
For details:https://www.hkrep.com/event/19-6/
Programme Enquiries:852-3103 5900
Pride and Prejudice – 10% discount offer
First Impressions are Unreliable, yet True Love is Irresistible.
First impressions are about pride, prejudice, or the red thread of fate secretly tied by Yue Lao? Back to Hong Kong in the 1950s, Ka-wai, a charming daughter of a well-off middle class family, meets the handsome Mr Tat-chi, who has completed his studies in Britain.  However, the first encounter is a hard crash.  Tat-chi is overly proud of his social status and Ka-wai takes an instant dislike to the arrogant heir of a wealthy and prominent family.  Will the poor first impressions break their red thread of fate?
The play is an adaptation of the classic English romantic novel Pride and Prejudice by the famous translator and playwright, Rupert Chan.  Rupert exquisitely combines both Chinese and Western elements in his play, demonstrating Hong Kong as a place where East meets West in the 1950s.
Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre
4, 9-11/1/2020  8pm
5,11-12/1/2020  3pm
$300, $240, $180
Tickets now available at URBTIX. HKAAA members can enjoy 10% discount on standard tickets by quoting the exclusive promotion code CYT10CBI.
Presented in Cantonese and English with Chinese and English surtitles
Suitable for those aged 6 or above
Details: http://bit.ly/2SdNgIG
Enquiry: 8106 8338
Good Music for Kids: The Incredible Voyage of Alasdair Malloy
Programme Details:

Details: https://bit.ly/2NVnG8O 
Date & Time:
10 Jan 2020 (Fri), 7:30pm
11 - 12 Jan 2020 (Sat – Sun) 3pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price:
$340, $220, $140 (10 Jan)
$380, $260, $150 (11 & 12 Jan)
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
Hong Kong Ballet “Hong Kong Cool: Ballet x Fashion” – 10% discount offer*
6-8 FEB 2020
Thu-Sat 8:00pm
The Box, Freespace, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District
Price: $300, $200
Details: https://bit.ly/2PpFGbe
Tickets now available at West Kowloon Cultural District
(852) 2200 0022 | https://bit.ly/2rraqAo
*Discounts only apply to standard tickets bought in person upon showing valid HKAAA membership card at ticketing outlets
Programme Enquiries: 2105 9724 | marketing@hkballet.com
Co-presented by West Kowloon Cultural District
48th Hong Kong Arts Festival
Great Piano Concertos: Pavel Kolesnikov Plays Chopin
Programme Details:

Details: https://bit.ly/37WmKsO
Date & Time:
8 Feb 2020 (Sat), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $450, $320, $180
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
Hong Kong Ballet “Ballet Classics for Children: The Sleeping Beauty” – 10% discount offer*
8-9 FEB 2020
Cantonese Narration: Sat 2:30pm & 5:00pm | Sun 2:30pm
English Narration: Sat 12:00nn | Sun 5:00pm & 7:30pm
The Box, Freespace, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District
Price: $300, $200
Details: https://bit.ly/353vV9f
Tickets now available at West Kowloon Cultural District
(852) 2200 0022 | https://bit.ly/2sa9q3A
*Discounts only apply to standard tickets bought in person upon showing valid HKAAA membership card at ticketing outlets
Programme Enquiries: 2105 9724 | marketing@hkballet.com
Co-presented by West Kowloon Cultural District
Pavel Kolesnikov Piano Recital
From Dusk to Dawn
Programme Details:

Details: https://bit.ly/37PeHhs

Date & Time:
10 Feb 2020 (Mon), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $380, $260, $150
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
Inspired by Beethoven series
Cellomania: Alban Gerhardt Plays Julian Anderson
Programme Details:
Details: https://bit.ly/2X7iRfy
Date & Time:
21 Mar 2020 (Sat), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $420, $280, $160
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
Year-round benefits for HKAAA members
  • Hong Kong Art School (HKAS)
    • An exclusive 10% discount for enrolment into short courses conducted by HKAS (Referring to courses that are categorized under the Short Courses section on HKAS website or as printed in the designated short course brochure, which is published on a half-yearly basis)
    • An exclusive 10% discount for enrolment into modules of the Professional Diploma in Fine Art (PDFA) (The PDFA modules are offered on a relatively flexibale basis, each module lasts for around 8 weeks; participants can enroll into individual modules without completing the programme. Currently, modules/ programmes accredited at Level 4 and Level 5 of the Qualifications Framework (QF) are being offered by the School).
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