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HKAAA E-newsletter (29.11.2019)
  • 【HKAAA Members】Invitation to HKAAA Annual General Meeting
  • Arts Social! - Arts X Social Impact
HKAAA Updates
【HKAAA Members】Invitation to HKAAA Annual General Meeting
To all HKAAA members,

Thank you for supporting HKAAA in the past year!

HKAAA Annual General Meeting 2018 – 2019 will be held on 3 December 2019 (Tuesday) 17:30 – 19:00 at 7/F, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan. We cordially invite all of our members to join us for this occasion, to learn more about what we have been doing in the past year, and give us comments on how to do better in the future.
Light refreshments will be served at the meeting.
*On-site video recording will be performed during the meeting for archival purpose*
For details, please refer to http://www.hkaaa.org.hk/doc/31159

Enquiry: Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association|Tel: 2877 7268|Email: info@hkaaa.org.hk
Arts Social! - Arts X Social Impact
The fashion industry has long been associated to overconsumption and pollution. How could the fashion industry respond to climate change and the throw-away culture of fast fashion?
Two local fashion designers, Kay Wong and Toby Crispy decided to address the issue head-on. The duo founded Fashion Clinic, advocates to choose well, buy smart and re-experience fashion. Through repairing, re-shaping and redesigning former beloved garments, they promote sustainability in the fashion industry.
At Arts Social!, Kay Wong and Toby Crispy will share their journey of green fashion and they are ready to chit-chat with the participants who are interested in fashion, social responsibility and enterprise.
Date: 16 December 2019 (Monday)
Time: 7:30 - 8:30pm
Venue: 4/F, Terrible Baby, Eaton HK (380 Nathan Road, Kowloon, HK)
Topic: Arts X Social Impact
Speaker: Ms. Kay Wong & Ms. Toby Crispy, Founder, Fashion Clinic
Moderator: Ms. Heidi Lee Chief Executive, Intercultural Dialogue Limited
Language: Cantonese (No SI Service)
Fee: HKAAA Member $70 | Non-member $100
**Light refreshment will be provided

Transportation ( CLICK HERE to view the map)
Click here to learn more about other Arts Social! activities!
• Not a HKAAA member? Click here to join now to enjoy the member price for the talk registration!
Featured Event
Tenacity of Being
Tenacity of Being serves as a homage to Dr Thomas Townsend Brown, Jr. for his imponderable contribution to contemporary dance and dance education in Hong Kong. 

The production, which explores life and death, is comprised of five contemporary dance pieces, including Day on Earth, choreographed by Ms. Doris Humphrey in 1947, which was brought to Hong Kong by Dr. Tom Brown; Out of Dream (excerpt), choreographed by Rosalind Newman; Do Not Go Gentle and Ox on the Roof which are choreographed by Dr. Tom Brown; and a newly choreographed piece created by Brown’s student, Ms. Pewan Chow, Artistic Director of Passoverdance.
29.11.2019 (Fri) | 7:30pm
30.11.2019 (Sat) | 2:00pm
Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Artistic Director | Pewan CHOW
Choreographer | Tom BROWN, Doris HUMPHEREY, Rosalind NEWMAN, Pewan CHOW
Dancers | Tiffany CHENG, CHEUNG Pui, Flora HON, LAI Kwai Lok, LAI Tak-wai, LAI Yin, Pak Hong LAU, LIU Heung Man, LO Sze Long Sarah, NG Mei Yee, Malvina TAM, TUNG Chung Kan, WONG Po-Na Paula, WONG Sze Ling, YANG Yizi Gigi, YAU Chin Shing, Emma ZHANG, KaitIyn KAM, WEN Xin Ran
Details: https://www.passoverdance-en.org/tenacityofbeing
Tickets: https://ticket.urbtix.hk/internet/zh_TW/eventDetail/39635
Design Spectrum’s third exhibition is newly launched! This exhibition will display over 70 exhibits from both local and overseas designers and artisans encompassing the creativity, skills, and dexterity, including lifestyle products, furniture and fashion, etc., showing a perfect union between form and function. Every piece of work reveals delicate craftmanship, so you can explore the relationship between everyday designs and craft!
Date : 2.12.2019 - 19.1.2020
Time : 10:00am – 7:00pm
Address: 3/F, 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Website: www.designspectrum.hk
JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power: Dance Performances That You Can’t Miss!
This December, JCNAP 2019 will feature a series of spectacular dance performances, including So Low, Thunderstorm and Dunhuang Reflections:
So Low – Solo dance performance
Date & Time: 6.12.2019, 8pm; 7.12.2019, 3pm

Standing on a stage of solitude, Lai Tak-wai explores the conflicting relationship between man and time in a composed yet expressive manner. So Low received “Outstanding Choreography” in Hong Kong Dance Awards 2018.
Thunderstorm – Non-verbal dance theatre re-illustrating Cao Yu’s literary classic
Date & Time: 13-14.12.2019, 8pm

Theatre director Tang Shu-wing, choreographer Xing Liang and Mui Cheuk-yin join forces to re-illustrate Cao’s classic with body language. Extracting the dramatic tensions and literary world from the original play of Thunderstorm, the creative trio delves into the innermost thoughts of the characters. Through the combination of artistic elements like mime theatre, costumes and set design, the work exposes the bold imagination of powers and constraints.
To enjoy 30% off on all standard tickets, simply quote the promotional code “NAPJENG30” at URBTIX outlets or by online purchase. Click for programme details.
Hong Kong Dance Company Grand Dance Drama “L’Amour Immortel”
A timeless classic that captures the imagination of every generation
This love story originates from one of the “Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio” written by Pu Songling. It was adapted into the Hong Kong blockbuster movie “A Chinese Ghost Story” in the 1980s, and has taken on yet another incarnation as the grand dance drama “L’Amour Immortel”.
Nie Xiaoqian, an alluring ghost, is enslaved by a sinister demon and forced to prey on humans. When she meets and falls head-over-heels in love with the honest and good-natured Ning Caichen, she becomes determined to save him from evil forces, even at the cost of her own afterlife. In “L’Amour Immortel”, the timeless classic is filled with new spirit by the performers’ physical expression. It captures the essence of the most beautiful human values in a poignant ghost story that will touch many hearts in this broken world.
Programme Details 
Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre
Date & Time: 6 – 7.12.2019 (Fri -Sat) 7:45pm
                      7 – 8^.12.2019 (Sat - Sun) 3:00pm
                      ^This is an Accessible Performance with Audio Description (Cantonese)
Price: $80-$480
Programme duration is about 1 hour and 30 minutes with one intermission
Tickets now available at URBTIX 
**HKAAA Members are offered 10% off discount on purchasing full-price tickets at URBTIX outlets. Please present your membership card at URBTIX outlets. 
Details: http://www.hkdance.com/performances/LAmourImmortel
Tickets: http://tiny.cc/LAmourImmortel
Programme Enquiries: 3103 1806
M+ Matters | Keynote: Global Museums in Shifting Times
On 7 December, Maria Balshaw, Director of Tate, joins us at ‘M+ Matters | Keynote’ to discuss the significance of Tate’s projects and their overall strategy in the context of a global socio-political climate that is shifting more rapidly than ever. More broadly, she outlines the challenges and opportunities facing museums as they strive to continue to find a balance between reflecting current situations and remaining impartial, inclusive, and open. Learn more and register now
Date: 7 December (Sat)
Time: 11:30am–1:00pm
Venue: JC Cube Auditorium, Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts, Hong Kong
Speaker: Maria Balshaw, Director, Tate
Language: English with Cantonese simultaneous interpretation
Free admission. Registration required
Hotel Partner: Rosewood Hong Kong
The Sigg Prize 2019 exhibition and Artist Talk
The Sigg Prize is a biennial award that recognises outstanding practices of artists born or working in the Greater China region. For this inaugural edition, an international jury has selected six shortlisted artists to participate in the Sigg Prize 2019 exhibition. The shortlisted artists are Hu Xiaoyuan, Liang Shuo, Lin Yilin, Shen Xin, Tao Hui, and Samson Young. They encompass different generations and geographies and work across a range of mediums, including sculpture, site-specific installation, video, and performance. Their practices articulate clear perspectives on topics that defy easy categorisation, and the work featured in this exhibition addresses pressing questions that resonate across contexts.
Join us in the afternoon of 7 December at Eaton Club for a conversation, where Hu Xiaoyuan, Liang Shuo, Lin Yilin and Tao Hui discuss their work and perspectives on the role that art can play in helping us navigate personal, local, and global contexts.
Sigg Prize 2019 exhibition
Date: 7 December 2019 – 13 April 2020
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 6:00pm, Wed–Sun and public holidays
Venue: M+ Pavilion, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District
Free admission
Learn more
In conversation with artists: How Can Art ‘Rescue’ Our World?
Date: 7 December 2019 (Sat)
Time: 3:30pm–4:45pm
Venue: Eaton Club Central, 5/F Champion Tower, Central
Speaker: Hu Xiaoyuan, Liang Shuo, Lin Yilin, and Tao Hui
Moderator: Isabella Tam, Associate Curator, Visual Art, M+
Language: Mandarin with Cantonese and English simultaneous interpretation
Register now
(Only Chinese version is available)


This Christmas we are thrilled to announce that MIC will be hosting a major musical event: a full performance of Handel's Messiah. The Messiah is a 53-movement work in three parts, scored for four soloists, a mixed-voice choir, and an orchestra. We are honoured to welcome Mr. Apollo Wong, Chorus Master of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Chorus, as our conductor; as well as renowned soloists Yuki Ip from MIC, Alex Tam and Albert Lim from Hong Kong, and Reginald Mobley from the USA. They will be accompanied by an orchestra comprising 20 professional players, and a dedicated group of 70 singers prepared by MIC’s Eric Monson.
All monies raised will be dedicated to MIC’s Arts ministry, and over 100 free tickets will allow members of our partner groups to enjoy this world-class musical event.
There will be two performances: 14 December (Saturday) evening, and 15 December (Sunday) afternoon.
We hope this event will bring together music lovers from across Hong Kong, to celebrate Christmas and come closer to Christ.
To learn more about this event and get your tickets, please go to www.michk.com
Hong Kong Dance Company ‘8/F Platform’ – Jing
Life Reflections within the Pulses of Our Hearts
Gathers like dew; Scatters like mist - Tides reset.
Life and its living beckons to each other. Can yours?

Date: 20/12 (7:45pm); 21-22/12 (3pm)
Venue: 8/F Platform, Hong Kong Dance Company, Sheung Wan Civic Centre
Tickets: $220 (No fixed seating, audience may walk around or sit on the floor)
Trailer: https://bit.ly/2rVHj8r
Book Now: https://bit.ly/2B4ARgp
Enquiries: 3103 1809
Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme
The two briefing sessions have been taken place.  Hope that everyone has a better understanding about the funding scheme and we look forward to accepting innovative and impactful proposals from you.  A kind reminder that this scheme does not cover projects supported by other dedicated Government funding schemes such as Cantonese Opera Development Fund, Film Development Fund, Intangible Cultural Heritage Funding Scheme, CreateSmart Initiative (covering advertising, architecture, design, digital entertainment, publishing and printing and television).
For details of the Scheme, please visit HAB website.
Cultural Columns
Editor: SHI Xiang
Graduate of the M.A. in Cultural Management Programme of The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shenzhen Original Drama - Opportunities and Challenges
Shenzhen is a young city with a shorter theatre history compared to many other cities. In 1992, the first small theater drama, Mud Man, appeared on the historical stage and opened the prologue of Shenzhen original drama. Since then, Shenzhen has gradually seen the emergence of a number of drama practitioners, alongside many excellent original plays. From the birth of the first original drama in Shenzhen to the success of Shenzhen Drama Festival, and from the establishment of the first professional drama training base to the development of Shenzhen original drama teams, Shenzhen original drama has been expanding under the leadership of drama predecessors and “the second generation of drama” for more than 20 years. In recent years, Shenzhen original drama is faced with the situation in which opportunities and challenges co-exist.
The Opportunities of the Development of Shenzhen Original Drama
An Expanding Market
Cultural industry has become one of the four mainstay industries for the future development of Shenzhen. According to relevant data, drama has the second highest consumption frequency in Shenzhen performing arts market. Unlike 20 years ago, where many good works were not well known to audience due to the information-poor market, the deepening of cultural system reform and the influx of all kinds of high-quality drama performances in recent years have led to the proliferation of theatre as a form of entertainment and relaxation for the Shenzhen people. The high popularity of classical dramas by Meng Jinghui, Stan Lai, and other famous directors in Shenzhen shows that the audiences have formed the awareness and appreciation towards theatre. 
As drama become one of the most popular art forms in the daily life of Shenzhen people, people’s ability to appreciate drama is also improving. According to some theatre practitioners, the way Shenzhen audiences reflect on dramas has changed greatly.  "The one-way communication between performers and audience has turned into a three-dimensional intersection of performers, audience and society." In Meng Jinghui's opinion, the positive interaction between drama and the city is being established in Shenzhen. The rising expectation of the audience inspire local troupes to create drama scripts which tell the story based on Shenzhen background and culture as well as give birth to numerous original plays with higher quality and deeper thinking.

An Expanding Number of Drama Practitioners
The flourishing market and growing audience in Shenzhen also attract more talented drama practitioners to stay and engage in drama creation in this city. As the main force of Shenzhen original drama, "the second generation" built the first groups of local youth troupes in Shenzhen brick by brick. The rising prosperity of Shenzhen drama market is what they've been looking forward to seeing for several years and it gives them greater confidence and motivations in continue devoting themselves into their drama career. As more works are recognized and accepted by audience, their achievements also give confidence to many young people and troupes that are still unknown to the public. It also attracts a number of outstanding drama workers and troupes from all over the country to develop their career in Shenzhen. "It can be said that Shenzhen drama is a piece of white paper which allows the theater workers to paint all kinds of different things." Shenzhen drama has infinite possibilities, and the open and diverse culture atmosphere of Shenzhen provides a broad space for the development of original drama. In Shenzhen, anyone could have the chance to become a member of a drama production. As Ge Dali, the deputy director of the National Theatre said, "There are many drama workers in Shenzhen, some of them are civil servants in the city, others may be teachers in art schools. We don't focus much on the academic and family backgrounds, we focus on the projects and the performances." Shenzhen brings together the wisdom and strengths and develops an organic "hematopoietic" function and an ideal breeding ground for original drama productions.
The Challenges of the Development of Shenzhen Original Drama
Lack of Theatre Venues
Up to 2016, Shenzhen has 20 professional theatre venues. Considering a population 11.9 million permanent residents in Shenzhen, which averages out to 595,000 people per theatre, is the number of theatre venues in Shenzhen is inconsistent with its economic development and the cultural needs. Although Shenzhen has excellent theatre resources such as Shenzhen Grand Theater, Shenzhen Poly Theater, and HuaXia Art Center, the number of theatre venues are still far from the dream of "drama normalization". In addition, small theatre with less than 500 seats are even fewer. As the ideal performing place for local groups to cultivate talents and projects, small theatre venues play an irreplaceable role in stimulating market vitality and developing consumption habits. The lack of small theatre prevents many troupes and projects from being implemented, and at the same time, restricts the vitality and enthusiasm of original work creation.

Lack of Distinctive Style of Drama Works
Any original drama of a city that wants to occupy a place in the national or the global market should establish its own brand and have a certain degree of recognition. The typical style of Beijing plays is traditional and pioneering, while in Shanghai, there are many plays adapted from famous classics. Shenzhen, however, has yet to form its own unique and recognizable style. Shenzhen is a city with a large number of migrant population and youths. Hence, any attempts to meet the diverse needs of all the Shenzhen audience can easily result in the loss of a distinctive style.
In fact, the migrant population is the very characteristic of this city. Since Shenzhen brought together people from all over the country, they are all eager to have a sense of identity and belonging. As Yang Kanwu, the Vice-chairman of the Beijing Opera Association said, "when the subject of drama is based on the emotions and psychology of Shenzhen people, drama will then become the spiritual needs and lifestyle of them." Therefore, Shenzhen original drama should create more plays that could arouse the emotions of the audience, instead of blindly imitating styles of other cities.
Lack of Resources and Platforms
Shenzhen Drama Festival is currently the main platform for drama exchange and networking. It also creates popularity for drama practitioners and their works. "Ju Hui Sunday" is another such platform for exchange and transfer of drama knowledge. However, this kind of sharing and learning platforms in Shenzhen are very few, which leads to the loss of drama talents and the lack of opportunities for excellent plays. According to Duan Gang, the chairman of Nanshan Cultural federation, "Shenzhen drama should form a composite force." The cultivation of drama talents and the popularization of drama cannot rely solely on the market, but also requires the joint efforts of government and formal education. Besides policies and funding support, the government should assist in integrating and rationally allocating drama resources from all kinds of channels.
  1. Geng Jun. Three major constraints affect the development of Shenzhen’s performance market. Sohu News, 29 July 2017.
  2. Yang Mei. Why small theatre plays are "small and beautiful". Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, 24 August 2018.
  3. Wang Xiaoyi. Shortage of stage for small theatre play. The Southern Daily,10 October 2012.
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  5. Guo Yue. The young dramatist experimented in Shenzhen. The Southern Daily, 8 November 2018.
  6. Qi Qi. Local plays in Shenzhen are booming. Shenzhen Economic Daily, 24 July 2017.
  7. Yang Mei. Drama opens the city's "humanity door". Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, 7 April 2016.
  8. Nanshan Shenzhen: use drama to create urban identity and artistic identity. Da Feng Media, 23 October 2018.
Highlight Event
Hong Kong Art Week 2019 is back for the 7th edition!
The Hong Kong Art Gallery Association (HKAGA) is excited to announce this year's Hong Kong Art Week (HKAW), which will begin on 21 November 2019 and runs through 30 November.
Art Gallery Night | 21 Nov 2019, 6pm – 8pm
Follow HKAGA’s map and go gallery hopping in Central, Sheung Wan and Sai Ying Pun on the opening night of the HKAW. Art lovers will be treated to a feast of opening receptions and special events that range from artist talks to workshops and live performances. Details to be updated on HKAGA’s website.
South Island Art Brunch | 23 Nov 2019, 11am – 2pm
Relish art with some refreshments in the bustling South Side as galleries in Wong Chuk Hang and Tin Wan open doors with light snacks for visitors during the South Island Art Brunch. Look out for updates on talks, openings, new exhibitions and workshops on HKAGA’s website!
Art Symposium | 29 – 30 Nov 2019
The flagship programme of the week, the two-day Art Symposium, will bring together a roster of over 20 art professionals from the local, regional and international art scene on the 29th (Fri) and 30th (Sat) of November. The theme of the Symposium this year is “Back to Basics: Restructuring the Future”. Check out the complete programme here!
RSVP here before the seats fill up!
Stay tuned to Hong Kong Art Week’s website (http://hkartweek.org) for updates!
Supported by Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
JCCAC Festival 2019
On earth, we live. All things come from earth, but different soil cultivates different characters and unique culture. JCCAC Festival 2019 takes on the theme, “On Earth”, and examines the relationships between “self”, “earth”, “matter” and “urban and rural” in Hong Kong via different artistic perspectives and mediums. Connecting communities through artistic creations, this Festival brings visitors on a trip away from the familiar urban context, and invites them to engage in an honest dialogue with the local cultural landscape; further on to understand and accentuate the importance of the symbiosis between countryside and city, nature and modernisation.
The five-week Festival shines a spotlight on ceramics. Co-presenting with Unit Gallery and curated by renowned ceramist Rachel Cheung, the feature exhibition “On Earth Ceramics Festival” consists of a contemporary ceramics exhibition, Lai Chi Wo Art Project Exhibition, and JCCAC Ceramicists Open Studio cum Exhibition. Festival affiliated programmes include handicraft fair, rooftop cinema, common space exhibitions, workshops, guided tours, performances, talks and arts demonstrations, providing visitors with a down-to-earth arts experience.

Date: 30 / 11 / 2019 – 5 / 1 / 2020
Venue: Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong)
Details: https://www.jccac.org.hk/?a=group&id=c_1&doc_id=7553
Supported by Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
Hong Kong Dance Awards 2020 - Call for Nominations
Hong Kong Dance Alliance announces the Call for Nominations for the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2020. The Hong Kong Dance Awards were established in 1999 to pay tribute to outstanding work by individual artists and dance organizations in new productions throughout the year, as well as acknowledge distinction in other activities related to dance and the Hong Kong dance community.

Nominations in thirteen award categories are open for submission by anyone - from dance practitioners to audience members. For the upcoming Hong Kong Dance Awards, an additional award, Outstanding Alternative Space Production will be established. The original award Outstanding Dance Education, Youth Dance, Community Dance, or Environmental Dance will be revised as Outstanding Dance Education or Community Dance. All Hong Kong dance artists and practitioners, and any persons contributing to Hong Kong dance productions are eligible as nominees. Following the close of nominations, a shortlist, determined by a secret ballot of distinguished experts from a wide range of disciplines in the dance field, will be announced in early 2020. The Awards will be announced and presented at the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2020 Presentation & Gala Performance, which will be held at Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium on 17 April 2020 (Friday).

The nomination period closes on 3 January 2020 (Friday). Interested parties can complete the nomination form and submit through email to admin@hkdanceall.org, by post or submit in-person to Hong Kong Dance Alliance Office (7/F, 26-28 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon), or submit online nomination form.
Details: https://bit.ly/37lYFvv
Supported by Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
Member's Benefit
Eternal Wings - Hong Kong Cultural Centre 30th Anniversary Concert
The Hong Kong Cultural Centre was officially opened in November 1989. Its inaugural performance by the HKCO was considered a historic, landmark event. For thirty years, the venue has been the Orchestra's second home, and the two have worked closely together to foster diversified developments in arts and culture. To commemorate the momentous occasion, the HKCO will take you back thirty years ago to where it all started as we revisit that memorable performance.
The young pianist Chen Sa, hailed as one of the leading figures of the "Chinese Piano Age”, will be performing the Yellow River Piano Concerto. Second Symphony, commissioned for the opening of the Cultural Centre, will be performed by celebrated concert organist, Shen Yuan. Premier drummer in Chinese percussion music, Yim Hok Man, and Bearer of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Chiuchow (Chaozhou) Music of Shantou, Guangdong and erxian virtuoso, Wang Peiyu will perform the Chiu Chow Gongs and Drums piece, Netting Fish.
29-30/11/2019 (Fri, Sat) 8:00 pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
$200, $250, $320, $420
**HKAAA Members are offered 20% off discount.
Please present your membership card at Urbtix Ticketing Office
Introduction:  http://www.hkco.org/en/Concerts/Eternal-Wings---The-Hong-Kong-Cultural-Centre-30th-Anniversary-Concert.html
URBTIX Booking: http://www.urbtix.hk/internet/eventDetail/38968
Enquiries: 3185 1600 (Programme) / 3761 6661 (Ticketing)
Hong Kong Sinfonietta & Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Mozart Requiem
Programme Details:
Details: https://bit.ly/2mSwvoP
Date & Time:
30 Nov 2019 (Sat), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $450, $320, $240, $160
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
Hong Kong Dance Company Grand Dance Drama “L’Amour Immortel”
Programme Details 
Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre
Date & Time: 6 – 7.12.2019 (Fri -Sat) 7:45pm
                      7 – 8^.12.2019 (Sat - Sun) 3:00pm
                      ^This is an Accessible Performance with Audio Description (Cantonese)
Price: $80-$480
Programme duration is about 1 hour and 30 minutes with one intermission
Tickets now available at URBTIX 
**HKAAA Members are offered 10% off discount on purchasing full-price tickets at URBTIX outlets. Please present your membership card at URBTIX outlets. 
Details: http://www.hkdance.com/performances/LAmourImmortel
Tickets: http://tiny.cc/LAmourImmortel
Programme Enquiries: 3103 1806
10% off on Hong Kong Ballet: FANCL Proudly Presents “The Nutcracker”
Programme Details
Date, Time & Venue

Opening Night
20 DEC 2019
Fri 7:30pm

21-23 DEC 2019
Sat-Sun 2:30pm & 6:30pm | Mon 7:30pm
25-29 DEC 2019
Wed-Thu & Sat 2:30pm & 6:30pm | Fri 7:30pm | Sun 2:30pm
19 DEC 2019
Thu 7:30pm
Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

$1,000 (Limited VIP Tickets)#, $680, $480, $320, $180
Programme Enquiries: 2105 9724 |
Ticketing Enquiries: 3761 6661
Details: https://bit.ly/36b4vit

#Discount not applicable to VIP tickets
(Only Chinese version is available)
7:45pm  23 – 24, 27, 31.12.2019, 1 – 3.1.2020
2:45pm  26, 28# – 29▲.12.2019
$420 / $340 / $250 / $180 (適用於 23 – 27.12)
$480 / $380 / $280 / $200 (適用於 29.12 – 3.1)
粵語演出 附中英文字幕
節目查詢:852-3103 5900
(Only Chinese version is available)
7:45pm 4, 7 – 9*, 10 – 11, 14 – 16*, 17 – 18.1.2020
8pm   5, 11 – 12, 18 – 19.1.2020
票價:$320 / $260 / $200 ($300* / $250* / $190*)
粵語演出 附中英文字幕
節目查詢:852-3103 5900
Good Music for Kids: The Incredible Voyage of Alasdair Malloy
Programme Details:

Details: https://bit.ly/2NVnG8O 
Date & Time:
10 Jan 2020 (Fri), 7:30pm
11 - 12 Jan 2020 (Sat – Sun) 3pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price:
$340, $220, $140 (10 Jan)
$380, $260, $150 (11 & 12 Jan)
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
Inspired by Beethoven series
Cellomania: Alban Gerhardt Plays Julian Anderson
Programme Details:
Details: https://bit.ly/2X7iRfy
Date & Time:
21 Mar 2020 (Sat), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $420, $280, $160
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
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