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HKAAA E-newsletter (24.5.2019)
  • Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association Recruitment Day 2019 – Call for Recruiters and Exhibitors
  • 【Limited Welcome Offer to New Member】
  • 【Highlight Recap】In Conversation with the Team of War Horse


Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association Recruitment Day 2019 –

Call for Recruiters and Exhibitors

【New Features: Human Library and Career Fair】

Presenter: Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
Venue Partner: Jao Tsung-I Academy
Supporting Partner: Human Library Hong Kong
Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association (HKAAA) strives to support the advancement of a flourishing arts scene by establishing a network connecting arts administrators in local and neighbor areas.

Following the huge success of our previous Recruitment Days, HKAAA is launching its seventh large-scale recruitment day at Jao Tsung-I Academy on 17 August 2019 (Sat) to supply different levels of jobs in the arts field.
Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association Recruitment Day 2019 serves as a free platform for participating arts organizations and job seekers, offering an opportunity for on-location job application and interview. HKAAA will also organize on-site career talks, so as to deepen job seekers' understanding towards the direction of the career path. This year, HKAAA specially adds the session of Human Library and career fair. Through conversation and interaction with art administrators in different fields, participants can get a closer look into the industry's current situation and job requirements, with an aim to further share and exchange their career planning experience to each other.
Details of Recruitment Day
Date: 17 August 2019 (Sat)
Time: 09:00 Venue set-up and preparation;
     11:00 – 17:00 On-site recruitment and career talks;
          17:00 – 18:00 Dismantle and move out
Venue: Jao Tsung-I Academy (800 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon)
CLICK HERE to read the transportation guideline.
No. of Participating Organizations
  1. On-site Interview: 5 (private rooms provided), with priority given to HKAAA's Corporate Members and the following parties: (listed in no particular order)
    • Local independent arts groups
    • Nine major arts groups
    • Hong Kong Arts Development Council funded groups
    • Recipients of “Springboard Grants” and “Project Grants” under Home Affairs Bureau’s Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme
    • Funded groups of Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s Venue Partnership Scheme
  2. Career Fair: 6 – 8 (exhibition booths will be set up in a common area): Participating arts organizations may receive resume, answer job enquiries and conduct promotional activities on the spot, with an aim to facilitate a platform for participants and HR representatives to interact, as well as to develop strong brand awareness.
Estimated no. of participants: 200 – 300
Charge: 500 HKD (Career Fair & On-site Interview)
              300 HKD (Career Fair)
              300 HKD (On-site Interview)

Please submit together with completed application form to HKAAA’s office. No refund is allowed after the application is received. If there are any loss or damage due to misuse of facilities, the participating organization is responsible for the repair or replacement cost.
HKAAA will provide commercial support and facilitate recruitment promotion through:
  • Onsite support on Recruitment Day
  • Online promotion (HKAAA website, HKAAA Facebook, weekly e-newsletter, ADC’s network, social media and tertiary institutions)
  • Online and printed media platform
Reference interview questions and notes on recruitment will be provided by the HKAAA and sent to all participating organizations about a week before event date. To facilitate promotion of the Recruitment Day, please submit the completed application form on or before 21 June 2019 (Fri) for further arrangement.
Should you have any enquiries, please contact: 
Vincy Yip    Tel:3791 2590   Email:vincy.yip@hkaaa.org.hk
Wendy Lam     Tel:2877 7268   Email:wendy.lam@hkaaa.org.hk
Theresa Tsang   Tel:2877 7267   Email:theresa.tsang@hkaaa.org.hk
We look forward to your support and participation!
【Limited Welcome Offer to New Member】
The Association regularly organizes professional seminars, discussions, tours and other industry gatherings like luncheon with professionals, tailored specifically to the needs of arts administrators.
Join us now to receive a special gift*! Gift is subject to a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last or until 31 May.
*New Member will receive one of the following gift by random:
1 latest issue of ArtPLUS / 1 HKAAA souvenir

To registrar as a member: https://www.art-mate.net/doc/11021
Detail: http://www.hkaaa.org.hk/group/membership_categories

Enquiry: (852) 2877 7268 / info@hkaaa.org.hk
【Highlight Recap】In Conversation with the Team of War Horse
The event was successfully held on 15 May 2019 (Wed). It was a great honor for the Association to invite Mr Gareth Aled, Resident Puppetry Director, War Horse and Mr Charlie Kenber, Resident Director, War Horse to give an in-depth look into the production behind the “theatrical magic” show. 

During the talk, Charlie revealed the interesting behind-the-scenes moments from this extraordinary performance. In order to deliver a vivid and life-like puppet horse figure on stage, Gareth also shared the technical problems they faced and how they solved the problems. He demonstrated the ideas of puppeteering the horse.
Besides, Charlie talked about the means of creating lifelike sound effects to reflect Joey's emotions. The professional puppeteers required to maintain a good physical fitness so as to imitate different body movements of a horse, such as eating, nickering, whinnying, screaming and snorting through their ground-breaking puppetry work.

HKAAA would like to thank Lunchbox Theatrical Productions Limited, as well as the War Horse cast and creative team for the dialogue session once again. 
Photo captions: (from the left to the right and the top to the bottom)
  1. Mr Gareth Aled, Resident Puppetry Director, War Horse demonstrated the ideas of puppeteering the horse
  2. Mr Gareth Aled, and Mr Charlie Kenber, Resident Director, War Horse shared the preparation process and tour experiences of War Horse
  3. Partipants enjoyed the conversation
Photo source: Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
Featured Event
The 6th Hong Kong Touch Art Festival: In Search for Invisible Memory
The 6th Hong Kong Touch Art Festival will be held by Centre for Community Cultural Development (CCCD), from 18th to 26th of May at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. The theme of this year's festival will be “In Search for Invisible Memory”. With touchable artworks and different non-visual settings at the venue, visitors are invited to experience the memories and history of Hong Kong through artists’ creation.

We use our sense of touch on a daily basis, yet its possibility as a medium for art appreciation is often neglected, especially in the visually dominated culture. Touch art is an art form that tries to embody those possibilities. It embraces inclusion and invites visually impaired people to enjoy art and even create their own artworks. Visitors are encouraged to put aside their usual art appreciation experience and use other senses to explore the exhibition “In Search for Invisible Memories”.

This exhibition not only allows one to take a glimpse into the lives of the persons with visual impairment, but also shows that art and tolerance is really the way to understand Hong Kong and authenticate our common experiences.
Exhibition: 18th – 26th May 2019 (Closed on Tuesday)
Time: 10:00am – 9:00pm
Venue: Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (7A Kennedy Road, Central, HK)
*Free Admission*
Fore more details: http://www.cccd.hk/?a=doc&id=2674
Presented and Organized by
Centre for Community Cultural Development
Supported by
Oi! and vA! of Leisure and Cultural Service Department
Accessible Partner
Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong
Enquiry: 2891 8482 (Carmen Ng) / carmen@cccd.hk
HK Dance “Red Poppies” (4th Run)
Adapted from the eponymous novel, which won China’s most prestigious book prize established by writer Mao Dun, the grand dance drama Red Poppies draws from folk dance traditions of the Tibetan region where the book is set. Featuring Tibetan music and singing as well as colourful tribal costumes, Red Poppies is a testament to the changes of time, the destruction of old world orders and the coming of a new age. It is also a meditation on karma, on good and evil through the Tibetan culture and traditions.
Enquiries︰3103 1889 / hkdance@hkdance.com
Jockey Club Community Remixing Music Project Annual Performance “Hong Kong Heroes”
Everyone’s Story | Everyone’s Music
Everyone is Hero

Centre for Community and Cultural Development (CCCD) has launched the three-year Jockey Club ‘Community Remixing’ Music Project, funded by The Charities Trust of Jockey Club.
In the past few months, CCCD has coordinated ten workshops to co-create with elderlies from different districts over Hong Kong. It aims to encourage participants to express themselves through music and songs and tell the stories of communities from their perspectives. These elderlies will give their debut performance to share their creative works, together with a group of musicians on 28th & 29th June at Shouson Theatre of Hong Kong Arts Centre.
Chief Director: Pete Moser (British community music pioneer who has been to HK a dozen times to facilitate the local scene of community music development)
Date: 28th June 2019 (Fri) & 29th June 2019 (Sat)
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai)
*Free Admission*
Reserved tickets: http://bit.ly/2YAtkjf 
Funded by
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust
Organized by
Centre for Community Cultural Development
Details: http://www.cccd.hk/?a=group&id=current_event&doc_id=2694
Enquiry: jessie@cccd.hk/2891 8482(Jessie Lau)
(Only Chinese version is available)
日期︰15 / 7 / 2019
門票價錢︰$280 / $180 / $80
詳情可到 https://wyccaa.com/tc/festivals/wyccf/2019/events/starry-concert-series/hamilton-childrens-choir-concert/ 了解更多。
Highlight Event
Dunhuang – Resonance of Silk Road, Past and Present – HKGDE 1st anniversary Concert
Dunhuang – Resonance of Silk Road Past and Present is the 1st anniversary concert of the Hong Kong Gaudeamus Dunhuang Ensemble. The concert is themed around Dunhuang culture. All pieces are original works composed by our two resident composers, inspired by murals and Buddha statues from the Mogao Grottoes. Some materials for the compositions were even taken from the pipa manuscripts discovered in the Dunhuang Library Cave, and will be performed by replicas of ancient instruments.
This concert aims to inherit the culture of Dunhuang through music, inviting the audience to a musical dialogue with the past and present that showcases the unique parallel between Hong Kong and Dunhuang, and leaves a footnote for the contemporary Silk Road culture.
Date: 2019.06.07 (Fri)
Time: Open rehearsal – 3:00 pm; Concert – 7:30 pm
Venue: The Grand Hall, Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong
Details: http://bit.ly/2WWF1jR
Supported by: Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
[香港藝術節青少年之友2018/19暑期活動 – 藝術行政工作坊2019]
(Only Chinese version is available)

地址:西九龍海庭道19號香港紅十字會總部7樓 (港鐵奧運站D3出口)
活動詳情及報名: https://bit.ly/2EaQkO6
香港藝術行政人員協會 (Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association)
香港紅十字會 (Hong Kong Red Cross)
Knowledge of Design Week (KODW) 2019: Designing Digital Futures
With ever-changing digital technology catalysing smart cities of the future, the key to creating a smart yet liveable city lies in the application of human-centred design thinking. Building on the theme “Design for Liveability” last year which captured the attention of the industry and the general public, KODW 2019 will continue to inspire new ideas and discussion, looking into how human-centred design serves as a bridge between “digital technology” and “humanity” as we explore future design and urban developments. The theme also echoes the HKSAR Government’s vision of turning Hong Kong into a world-leading smart city.
KODW 2019 is a week-long curated programme and will be held from 17th to 21st June this year. KODW fosters cross-disciplinary learning and exchange through 3 thematic forums, 7 interactive workshops, an InnoDesign Leadership CEO Forum and a Roundtable focusing on public service innovation, providing an invaluable knowledge-sharing platform that connects global field experts, policy makers, industry leaders and forward-thinking minds. It engages different stakeholders in a multi-level dialogue on how design can solve complex challenges of our society. Internationally-renowned industry experts and business leaders from around 10 cities across 4 continents will gather together in Hong Kong to explore the three cornerstones of future urban life: “Liveable Smart City”, “Future Retail & Lifestyle” and “Digital Health”.
Enjoy 30% off by using promo code SO3F6X8 through online registration system!
Knowledge of Design Week (KODW) 2019
Designing Digital Futures
Date: 17 – 21 Jun 2019
Website: http://kodw.org/sowebdt
Supported by: Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
10% off discount on A Hongkonger's Political Journey: Long Hair
10% off discount of full-price tickets for HKAAA members while purchasing tickets at Urbtix Box Office with discount code " LH1".
Programme Details
Venue: Tai Po Civic Centre, Black Box Theatre
Date and Time:
24 – 25 May 2019 (8pm)
26 May 2019 (3pm)

Original Ticket Price: $220
Inquiries: 2419 9006
Limited Tickets Available
^In Cantonese
Website: http://www.pants.org.hk/?a=doc&id=602
Hikikomori, The Shelter
Hikikomori, The Shelter is a futuristic story about fitting in and finding your place. The play uses a unique and original sound design that offers audiences three different viewpoints to see and hear about the same story. 
Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre – Studio Theatre
Date & Time: 24 MAY (Fri) 8pm / 25 – 26 MAY (Sat & Sun) 4pm
Price: $200 / $140* (Concessionary ticket)
Urbtix Ticketing:
Programme Enquiries: 3678 0151
*Enjoy 10% off discount with discount code "LFMHIK10".
Jean-Guihen Queyras Cello Recital
Six Suites, Six Echoes – Part II
Programme Details:
Details: https://bit.ly/2TFEmVz
Date & Time: 30 May 2019 (Thursday), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $380, $260, $150
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
10% off discount on “HK Ballet X HK Phil: The Rite of Spring”
Programme Details
Date & Time
31.5 – 2.6.2019
Fri 7:30pm | Sat – Sun 2:30pm & 7:30pm | Sun 2:30pm

Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

$1,000 (Limited VIP Tickets)#, $680, $480, $280, $140
Live accompaniment by The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Programme Enquiries: 2105 9724
Ticketing Enquiries: 3761 6661 |
Detail: https://bit.ly/2UaU9Nb
Ticket: https://bit.ly/2FNnQdr
Cellomania: Jean-Guihen Queyras Plays Tchaikovsky & Murail
Programme Details:
Details: https://bit.ly/2HdvL6T 
Date & Time: 1 Jun 2019 (Saturday), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $420, $280, $160
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
HK Dance “Red Poppies” (4th Run)
1–2.6.2019   Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium
7–9.6.2019 Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre
$160 – $580
Tickets available now at URBTIX. HKAAA members can enjoy 10% discount on standard tickets upon presentation of your membership card.
Enquiries︰3103 1889 / hkdance@hkdance.com
Good Music for Kids (3-6 years old)
Programme Details:
Details: https://bit.ly/2YUpi6h     
Date & Time:
14 June 2019 (Friday), 7:30pm
15 June 2019 (Saturday), 2:30pm & 5:30pm
Venue: HK City Hall Theatre
Ticket Price: $360, $260
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
Cellomania: Pablo Ferrández Plays Dvořák
Programme Details:
Details: https://bit.ly/2F3ej2M
Date & Time: 22 Jun 2019 (Saturday), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $380, $260, $150
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
A Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China and the 22nd Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR
Legendary Classic: Butterfly Lovers' Violin Concerto
The unprecedented success of the Butterfly Lovers' violin concerto began after its premiere in 1959, this year marks the 60th Anniversary of its composition. Virtuoso violinist Yao Jue, renowned for her lustrous and poetic violin recital of this insurmountable classic, leads the elites of Hong Kong String Orchestra and the local tertiary institute to leave a mark in history, for the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Notably, Lio Kuokman, praised by the Philadelphia Inquirer as ‘a startling conducting talent’, will wave his baton in this concert.
Programme Details:
Date & Time: 29 June 2019 (Saturday), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $680 / $480 / $280
Details: https://bit.ly/2VjY4qV
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2VjY4qV
*HKAAA members can enjoy 20% off on purchase of standard tickets with the discount code ‘AAAVIP’. (This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers)
Programme Enquiries: 3575 9479
HKS Cool Summer Festival
Know Your Brass (N.B. Tuba!)
Programme Details:

Details: https://bit.ly/2GQHdDW      
Date & Time:
5 & 6 July 2019 (Fri & Sat), 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $360, $220, $140
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
When Janoska Meets HKCO
20% off discount on HKCO concert – “When Janoska Meets HKCO”
Programme Details:
Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
Date & Time: 12-13/7/2019 (Fri, Sat) 8:00 pm
Original Ticket Price**: $170, $220, $280, $350
**HKAAA Members are offered 20% off discount.
Please present your membership card at Urbtix Ticketing Office
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.urbtix.hk
Programme Enquiries: 852-3185 1600
HKS Cool Summer Festival
Movies, Musicals & More!
Programme Details:

Details: https://bit.ly/2GG7WC4
Date & Time:
19 & 20 July 2019 (Fri & Sat), 8pm
21 July 2019 (Sun) 3pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $420, $260, $150
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
HKS Cool Summer Festival
McDull ∙ my very very very best
Programme Details:
Details: https://bit.ly/2V0GfJ3
Date & Time:
2 Aug 2019 (Fri), 8pm
3 Aug 2019 (Sat), 3pm & 8pm
4 Aug 2019 (Sun), 3pm & 8pm
Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $450, $320, $180
Tickets at URBTIX: 2111 5999 / www.URBTIX.hk
10% off upon showing HKAAA membership card at URBTIX outlets.
Programme Enquiries: 2836 3336 / www.HKSL.org
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