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FAME 2014 Journal – Grace (Adelaide Festival Centre, Australia)
An Artwork from Eko Nugroho, one of the most acclaimed members of the young generation of Indonesian contemporary artists.
It is already the 5th week working in Adelaide Festival Centre (AFC). In the first few weeks, I got the chance to be meeting people from different departments, learning the basic operation skills of different management programmes and handling some administrative work with colleagues. After the Christmas and New Year’s break, I have to start preparing for OzAsia Festival 2015, which will be held in late Sept 2015.
OzAsia Festival features a wide range of performances and events, in theatre, dance, film and visual arts—traditional and contemporary. This year, the festival will be focusing on Indonesia, but it also offers excellent programmes from other Asian countries.
Though there are still eight months ahead the OzAsia Festival, I am now responsible for the preparation of some pre-production work. I have to draft the itineraries and the schedules for the visiting artists. Although they will be staying for a few days during the festival only, there may be hundreds of artists visiting during the 2-week festival. Thus, we have to plan the working schedules in details, for example, the number of rooms, the distance between the venue and hotels so as to take care of them thoroughly. 
Adelaide City Council fully supports the Mural arts and artists can create their new mural artworks. Artworks can be seen everywhere. 
Sponsorship is essential in making the festival happen.  Despite getting money from its owned company, we need to seek funding from the government or foundations. Since I was working in the statutory body which provides various funding to artists, I have the chance to apply for funding in Australia so as to apply my expertise in their context. 

Besides, I have the opportunity to assist in programming as well. Artistic Director of the OzAsia Festival, Joseph Mitchell, has an initial plan for the festival but he still has to search for more excellent programmes and bring them to Adelaide. He not only visits different Asian countries, but also looks through all the performance recordings and videos sent by the artists. Recently he came across a performance video in Putonghua, which provides no English subtitles or dubbing, so I made my first attempt as the narrator so that he can understand what the performance is about, which was quite challenging!
Rundle Mall is not only the shopping heart of Adelaide, a cluster of artists locate in this hustle and bustle district. Tourists are loving to stay and watch their performances. 
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