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HKAAA Online Magazine 2013 December Issue (Featuring Fellowships for Arts Management Experience (FAME) Programme)
With the funding support from the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme (ACDFS) of the Home Affairs Bureau, we are proud to present the Fellowships for Arts Management Experience (FAME) Programme 2013/14. This two-year programme aims to provide valuable training opportunities for middle level administrators to learn-by-doing, gaining insights from veteran arts administrators of internationally renowned arts organisations in major cities in the world.
Stepping into its second year, we are delighted to announce that FAME 2014 has been launched! While internationally recognised organisations like the Adelaide Festival Centre and Sydney Theatre Company in Australia continue to be our FAME partners, Taiwan’s Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, an all-time favourite of theatre-goers worldwide and in celebration of its 40th anniversary in 2013, is also staying.
Meanwhile, we’ve got some other exciting internship opportunities in store for you! This time, our fellows will have the chance to reach beyond the Asia-Pacific region and even Europe! Two arts organisations, namely Krakow Festival Office and Malta Festival Poznań, in the distant Poland will be our FAME partners. Doing an internship in a Polish arts organisation is definitely a rare opportunity for many arts administrators in Hong Kong, and what makes it more exhilarating is that these two partners are prominent organisers of various multidisciplinary cultural events. No doubt, working with them is going to be very rewarding.
As if that wasn’t enough, the English Touring Theatre (ETT) has also joined as one of our FAME 2014 partners! This will be a truly unique opportunity because not many internships are offered at touring theatres. With ETT, our fellow will be able to follow the entire autumn production from rehearsals to opening and, most excitingly, get to connect with different touring venues across the UK!
Obviously, after receiving around twelve-week full-time attachment at these remarkable arts organisations, our FAME 2014 Fellows will gather a lot of wonderful experiences and contribute their expertise when they come back.
Looking back on the first year of FAME, launched successfully in the first half of 2013, we were thrilled that we had received so many overwhelming responses from you! Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank you all for your interest in the first round. The selection process was very competitive, and even for our experienced panel, it was not an easy decision to make. After much effort, the following outstanding candidates were selected at last!
Fellows / Overseas placement arts organisations:
1.  Ellen Law (Arts and Culture Manager, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity) / Adelaide Festival Centre (Australia)
2.  Myra Tam (Development Manager, Hong Kong Philharmonic) / Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay (Singapore)
3. Yolanda Ngai (Manager (Xiqu), Leisure and Cultural Services Department) / National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center (Taiwan)
4.  Edith Chiu (Programme Manager (Performing Arts and Moving Images), Hong Kong Arts Centre) / National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center (Taiwan)
Among them, Yolanda and Myra have embarked on their amazing journey and are currently enjoying their time in Taiwan and Singapore respectively. They are more than happy to share with us how fulfilling, enlightening and inspiring it is to be a FAME fellow! In the journals below, not only will you find out Yolanda’s fresh encounter with the cultural phenomenon in Taiwan, but you will also get a glimpse of Myra’s interesting discovery of the relationship between art and commercials in Esplanade!
FAME 2013 Journal - Yolanda
November 2013
Heartfelt thanks to the Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association for granting me the opportunity to have fellowship attachment at the NTCH. It has been one month since I arrived in Taipei in mid-October, and I am now working at the programming and marketing department of the centre to understand more about NTCH’s work on programme planning, audience development and venue management. During the time I also viewed a number of local and international performances which provided me precious insights.
In 2004, NTCH went through a restructuring process and became an administrative corporation from a government department. Because of this, NTCH has developed its own flexibility in artistic direction and administration as an independent arts organisation with carefully established executive structure. Frank discussions I had with the friendly NTCH colleagues about the experiences and thoughts they gained through all those changes are truly valuable sharing of knowledge and views of our professions. As one of the most important cultural venues in Taiwan, NTCH strikes a good balance in the programming of both local and international performances, with a distinctive intension to encourage innovative and cross-border creations. This can be shown in their presentation of the Taiwan International Festival of Arts. Facing the rapidly changing cultural environment with more large-scale cultural venues being established in Taiwan and nearby areas, NTCH colleagues have chosen to take the challenges with an open-minded and adventurous attitude, as well as continuous introspection of its own roles and responsibilities in the overall development of performing arts in Taiwan and the nurturance of local cultures. It is such a vivid reflection of Taiwanese character - generating energy from freedom, consciousness and self-respect.
Autumn is the peak season for Taiwan arts performances. Began with the Huashan Living Arts Festival and more individual performances of different art forms, I was lucky enough to meet a lot of local performing arts groups in Taiwan, and was still wondering about the rich performing styles and in-depth discussions of various topics. In a month, I met face to face with Taiwanese cultures – the diversity, vitality and potentiality. I look forward to the coming two months for more exciting experiences and observations to share with you.
FAME 2013 Journal - Myra
December 2013
The fellowship in Esplanade allows me to attach in different departments for observation and learning. My first month in here is very fulfilling and interesting.
An artistic working environment
Once I stepped in the office of Esplanade, the artistic characters of this company come out immediately --- there are staff’s paintings all over the walls. They are created when Esplanade established in 2002 and celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2012. It is interesting to find a lot of “durian” shaped domes, abstract expression or reflection of staff’s belief and expectation on Esplanade from the paintings.  In different corners of the office, there are round tables or sofa for rest, brainstorming, gathering or even meeting (of course they do have formal conference rooms as well). Outside the office is Library@ Esplanade. Inside the Esplanade mall, there are Harry@ Esplanade (a bar with Jazz music), Cookie Museum and etc. Overall, it projects an impression to me that whatever happens in here, it has to be arts related (of course, later on I learned that there are some exceptions)
Commercial <--> Arts?
In Esplanade, Partnership Development Department is responsible for sponsorship. In Hong Kong, similar department sometimes encounters an issue that sponsor’s advertising is too commercial and does not match the overall layout of arts organisation’s brochure at all. In here, all sponsor’s advertisings are specially designed. For example, advertisement for BMW is a luxury car covered by a silver cloth that is led by a dancer. Advertisement for a coffee company is a ballet dancer having a point toe movement with a slogan “The Right Balance” to demonstrate the balance between bitter and aromatic favor of coffee beans. Visa card is Esplanade’s core sponsor. Its’ advertising is a simple slogan “Activate Art”. One sentence only but it links two various things together. Every time I saw their advertisings, I admire their brilliant design. 
Later on I will be attached to Box Office, Customer Service and even Security Department.  More observations and learning are coming! 
As you can see, joining FAME can be a real eye-opener! Fancy becoming our FAME fellow like Yolanda and Myra to experience all the thrills and spills? Applications for FAME 2014 are open now! Don’t miss out on your chance! For details, please visit our Website.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the British Council Hong Kong and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute for their support to the Programme.
Our fellows will continue to share their exciting journey of arts management experience with you in our future e-newsletters. Please stay tuned!
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